FBI turns up heat on Mike Adams as ‘Health Ranger’ fiasco widens, plus Adams’ archive

via "This Week in Pseudo Science"

Last week, Mike Adams, the founder and editor of NaturalNews.com–a favorite site of Dr. Oz and anti-GMO campaigners, from Vandana Shiva to Center for Food Safetey’s Andrew Kimbrell to the Food Babe to Jeffrey Smith, but also dubbed by scientists and journalists as the number one anti-science site in cyberspace–launched an all out offensive against crop biotechnology.

Adams posted a screed on his website (this pre-censored post, since sanitized by Adams, has been preserved on the wayback machine archives) attacking supporters of genetic engineering as modern day Nazis, suggesting that anti-GMO activists should consider murdering scientists and journalists for their crimes against humanity. Adams then alerted readers to another site, Monsanto Collaborators, which was more or less a handy online list of these so-called ‘Nazi perpetrators”–aka scientists, journalists and news organizations that believe biotechnology can play a constructive role in farming–for crazies who might want to follow Adams’ marching orders and begin assassinations. I was prominently mentioned by Adams, no doubt because of the scathing Adams profile and fact sheet summary GLP posted in April.

Adams alerted readers to this new “collaborators” site, claiming he had nothing at all to do with it, but urging everyone to read it nonetheless. Not surprisingly, anti-GMO philosopher Vandana Shiva, linked to the Adams story on one of her sites (Shiva took down the incendiary Adams post on July 28, but an archived version of it has been preserved here.)

Needless to say, the last week and Adams’ anti-GMO offensive have not unfolded as Adams had anticipated. Keith Kloor, a science writer with a blog on Discover, has written a series of articles on the Adams fiasco, documenting the train wreck as it unfolded: here, here, and here.

But more interesting is the fact that it’s now clear that Adams was behind the Monsanto Collaborators site. Analyses by the GLP, geneticist Karl Haro von Mogel and most extensively by the website This Week in Pseudo Science have demonstrated that the NaturalNews.com coding signatures–akin to a DNA match–are all over the Monsanto Collaborators site, which was actually registered hours before Adams’ first attack column was published. In sum: Adams has been busted. He published both sites. He’s also launched two other slander and pseudo sites designed to promote himself and his products while trying to hammer critics.

Adams tried to cleanse his original NaturalNews.com post calling for the killing of scientists and journalists and is now blocking access to the Monsanto Collaborators site, which he claims was actually set up by Monsanto and its supporters to discredit him and other anti-GMO activists, but the truth is out and the damage has been done.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, besieged by complaints from targets and the science and journalism communities, immediately launched an investigation of Adams and the site, with Adams facing possible felony charges of inciting violence (if he lived in a Europe or a Commonwealth country like the U.K., he would probably already have been served).

As the list of cyber stories on this still developing story, posted below, illustrates, the condemnation of Adams by mainstream journalists and scientists, including Paul Raeburn at Knight Science Journalism Tracker, has been overwhelming. Consensus: Adams is (in the words of scientist and blogger David Gorski) an uber-quack.

The issue here, of course, is not Adams. He is well known for his wildly popular fringe and inflammatory views, as his anti-science web site garners millions of hits every month. The real scandal is that what Adams writes about GMOs, including hyping the long discredited myth that GMOs are causing farmer suicides in India—is standard gruel for even so-called ‘mainstream’ and “responsible” anti-GMO activists.

In other words, Mike Adams is not an outlier in the anti-GMO movement…he is as mainstream as the Institute for Responsible Technology, Center for Food Safety, and sadly, even some environmental publications, on this issue, like Mother Jones. Their positions are grounded in ideology rather than science. That’s the scandal.

Below are the links, including to archived posts that Adams tried to but failed to purge, of the growing Adams dust-up.


Original Monsanto Collaborators site (blocked/taken down by Adams): 


Adams’ follow up post on NaturalNews saying he’s not responsible for Collaborators page before he sanitized it: http://web.archive.org/web/20140725133815/http://www.naturalnews.com/046147_Monsanto_Collaborators_false_flag_operation_GMO_skeptics.html

Also preserved in slightly altered form here: Tree of Liberty: http://www.thetreeofliberty.com/vb/showthread.php?t=202889

Adams busted: Analysis of coding of Monsanto Collaborators site showing a ‘digital DNA match’ between NaturalNews.com and the Collaborators site, meaning that Adams created the Collaborators site that he first disavowed, then blamed on Monsanto, then took down:


Attack articles on Adams-created propagandists, site, in which Jon Entine listed along with Magic Johnson and others: http://propagandists.org/

Attack article on Jon Entine on Adams-created collaborators website, the first linked from Monsanto Collaborators page:



Adams sets up two other propaganda sites to promote himself and attack critics: http://newsvoice.se/2014/07/28/mike-adams-starts-naturalwiki-and-truthwiki/

Adams again attacks GMOs, and Entine: http://www.naturalnews.com/046194_agricultural_holocaust_GMOs_environmental_destruction.html


Adams junk science circulated by Vandana Shiva:

Vandana Shiva’s Seed Freedom: http://seedfreedom.in/biotech-genocide-monsanto-collaborators-and-the-nazi-legacy-of-science-as-justification-for-murder/http://seedfreedom.in/tags/monsanto-collaborators/ [NOTE: Shiva took down mirrored site on on July 29, but a jpg of her pages on her site and on her Facebook site are preserved below]Shiva_adams_website



General articles and response on Adams fiasco:

Keith Kloor response (1) article http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/collideascape/2014/07/22/mike-adams-monsanto-nazis-disturbing-article/

Keith Kloor response (2): http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/collideascape/2014/07/24/mike-adams-elevates-ugly-anti-gmo-campaign/

Keith Kloor response (3): http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/collideascape/2014/07/25/mike-adams-capitalizes-myth-spread-vandana-shiva/#.U9KkgIBdX0I

Genetic Literacy Project follow: https://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/2014/07/24/naturalnews-huckster-mike-adams-asks-anti-gmoers-to-kill-scientists-supporters-of-crop-biotech/

GLP Updated Adams profile: https://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/glp-articles/most-dangerous-anti-science-gmo-critic-meet-mike-adams-conspiracy-junkie-runs-alternative-health-empire/

GLP Updated Fact Sheet on Adams: https://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/glp-facts/mike-adams/

Genetic Literacy Project Follow that Adams busted: https://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/2014/07/25/mike-adams-claims-monsanto-set-up-kill-gmo-supporters-website-as-scientists-journalists-face-death-threats/

Additional articles on unfolding Adams story:

RealClearScience: http://www.realclearscience.com/2014/07/24/anti-gmoer_asks_followers_to_kill_scientists_260167.html,

Kevin Folta Illumination blog “Do Not Stop Adams and Intimidation – Exploit It”: http://kfolta.blogspot.com/2014/07/do-not-stop-adams-and-intimidation.html

Kevin Folta on Adams and Shiva: http://kfolta.blogspot.com/2014/07/do-you-stand-with-adams-and-shiva.html

Paul Raeburn, Knight Science Journalism at MIT:  https://ksj.mit.edu/tracker/2014/07/are-these-science-writers-and-publications-facing-death-threats-for-covering-gmos/

David Ropeik’s reflections: http://bigthink.com/risk-reason-and-reality/a-current-example-of-frightening-extremism-in-the-name-of-our-beliefs

Mother Jones: http://www.motherjones.com/blue-marble/2014/07/popular-conspiracy-site-likens-pro-gmo-journalists-nazi-collaborators

Forward Progressive “Natural News Founder Accuses Scientists of Genocide, Hints They Should be Killed, http://www.forwardprogressives.com/natural-news-founder-scientists-genocide-hints-killed

Forward Progressive after Adams was busted for claiming he had no connection to ‘kill GMO suporters” site: http://www.forwardprogressives.com/natural-news-owner-may-created-fake-holocaust-website-smear-critics/

Joni Kamiya, Hawaii Farmer’s Joni Kamiya, Hawaii Farmer’s Daughter: http://hawaiifarmersdaughter.com/2014/07/29/afamilyfullofmisinformation/

Steven Novella/Neurologica: http://theness.com/neurologicablog/index.php/mike-adams-is-a-dangerous-loon/

David Gorski response (1): http://scienceblogs.com/insolence/2014/07/25/how-they-view-us-mike-adams-and-kent-heckenlively-edition/

David Gorski response (2): http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/how-they-view-us-mike-adams-goes-off-the-deep-end/

Progressive Contrarian: http://theprogressivecontrarian.com/2014/07/24/mike-adams-crazy-train-goes-off-the-tracks/

Ronald Bailey, Reason: http://reason.com/blog/2014/07/25/anti-biotech-nutcase-mike-adams-may-or-m

Sharon Hill, Doubtful News: http://doubtfulnews.com/2014/07/mike-adams-insinuates-some-scientists-should-be-killed-then-looks-like-a-bigger-idiot/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=mike-adams-insinuates-some-scientists-should-be-killed-then-looks-like-a-bigger-idiot

Dan Mitchell, Modern Farmer: http://modernfarmer.com/2014/07/natural-news-put-us-hit-list/

Mason Bilderberg, Illuminutti: http://illuminutti.com/2014/07/28/mike-adams-crossed-the-line-and-in-a-way-that-cant-be-ignored/

Nathanael Johnson, Grist: http://grist.org/food/heres-why-natural-news-is-neither/#.U9gTluZaiE0.twitter

Jenny Hopkinson, Politico: http://www.politico.com/morningagriculture/0714/morningagriculture14830.html

Center for Consumer Freedom: http://www.consumerfreedom.com/2014/07/will-anti-gmo-activist-spark-violence/

MuckRack: http://muckrack.com/link/oHM1I/mike-adams-elevates-his-ugly-anti-gmo-campaign

io9: http://io9.com/anti-gmo-activist-mike-adams-who-last-week-called-for-1611494619

Briefing Room, http://www.gopbriefingroom.com/index.php?topic=144353.0

Lipstick Alley: http://www.lipstickalley.com/showthread.php?p=18535513,

Democractic Under Ground http://www.democraticunderground.com/10025285078

Underground Forum http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/thread/2347751/Natural-News-Mike-Adams-makes-death-threats/?pc=2

Soap Box: http://thesoapboxrantings.blogspot.com/2014/07/mike-adams-crossed-line-and-in-way-that.html

Swallowing the Camel: http://swallowingthecamel.wordpress.com/2014/07/26/the-health-ranger-might-want-to-kill-you/

Violent Metaphors: http://violentmetaphors.com/2014/07/26/mike-adams-goes-too-far/

  • pbereano

    I am a long-time activist and intellectual on GE issues (beginning in the mid-1980s,, probably long before Entine had any inkling of these issues). Dispite what Jon Entine says, Mike Adams most definitlely IS an outlier– I had never even heard of him before someone sent me his outrageous piece.
    And, anyway, how would Entine even know, since he is not familiar with many of us at the heart of the matter?. The idea that Vandana Shiva and Andy Kimbrell somehow are associated with Adams and his views is truly bizarre–I have known these two people and worked closely with them for many decades. It seems to me that Entine’s piece is as fictional as Adams’ was.
    Monsanto is no Adolf Hitler, and Jon Entine, you are no Andy Kimbrell.
    Phil Bereano
    Prof Emeritus of Technology and Public Policy
    Member, Roster of Experts, Cartagena Biosafety Protocol

    • Cairenn Day

      Most folks are not experts. They get their science from the memes and articles shared by friends on FB. Adams and his site DOES show there a lot.

      To deny that, is to ignore the FACTS of who has influence on folks.

      Look at how the ant Vax movement, championed by those like Jenny McCarthy has reduced vaccination rates in many areas of the US to less than those in some Third world countries. Look at how imans and others in other areas of the world use it to encourage attacks on vaccination workers.

    • Karl Haro von Mogel
    • mem_somerville

      Did you miss the part about Vandana Shiva’s site republishing the insane screed? http://seedfreedom.in/biotech-genocide-monsanto-collaborators-and-the-nazi-legacy-of-science-as-justification-for-murder/

      The original Adams screed equating journalists and scientists with Nazis, along with its incitement to violence, has been reproduced on one of Shiva’s websites (Seed Freedom) and promoted on its Facebook page.


      If you don’t know who is on the crazy train, maybe you are the one who isn’t that well connected to the facts.

      • Mackinz

        Hey mem, do you know of any sources which provide evidence of an FBI investigation into Mike Adams homocidal threat? I’ve seen the claim parroted around, and I would certainly enjoy it if it were true, but, as a skeptic, I require an input of evidence for a claim.

        • mem_somerville

          This is what I know, I haven’t been involved with any of this evidence gathering and I haven’t see it, however.


          • Mackinz

            So, apparently, Jon has been contacted by the FBI on the matter? That’s nice to know. Wish he would have said as much. It’s not like he has a website for reporting these kinds of things.

          • mem_somerville

            Yeah, I’d like to see it too. But sometimes it’s a bad idea to compromise an ongoing investigation.

          • G

            What Mem said: It’s a bad idea to compromise an ongoing investigation.

            It’s OK to report and discuss news that has already been widely reported. But since some of the folks here may be close to or directly involved with gathering evidence, it’s best to avoid asking them about it, and of course it’s best for them to not make speculative comments.

            In general if you’re involved in the case and have provided evidence, your friendly FBI agent may have told you something like “I can’t ask you to not publish things, that’s your right under the Constitution.” But I’d suggest taking that comment as meaning something like, “You have every right to do it, but personally I wish you wouldn’t,” and that should be respected.

            After he’s convicted there’ll be plenty of time to share stories.

      • mem_somerville
        • G

          That, in particular, will be highly useful for convicting them. There are numerous characteristics of online postings and activity including edits and deletions, that paint a very clear evidence trail. Law enforcement has gotten very good at collecting that kind of evidence.

      • G

        Not to mention, one shouldn’t call oneself “an intellectual” as a first person singular noun. To my mind that’s third cousin to Galileo and an automatic red-flag.

        Speaking of Galileo, a useful comeback to such claims is, “I knew Galileo, and let me tell you, sir, you are no Galileo!”

    • Clyde Davies

      Generally I find that the people who refer to themselves as ‘intellectuals’ are anything but and the last to be trusted on controversial issues.

    • Benjamin Edge

      You have never heard of Natural News, Mike Adams’ web site? For him to be an outlier, his junk certainly gets repeated around the internet enough, unless you think the people posting links are also outliers? You must not be as well informed as you think.

      How do you know who Jon Entine is familiar with, other than yourself? Thank goodness Jon is no Andy Kimbrell, one is more than enough.

  • Clark

    Oh! Here come the NWO conspiracies and damage control responses. That didn’t take long.

    • Jeremy Rawley

      There’s only one NWO: Hogan, Hall, and Nash.

  • Eric Bjerregaard

    Jon Don’t you think calling Shiva a philosopher is a bit of a complimentary stretch? Perhaps a sharpton is a better term.

    • Mackinz

      Her degree is in Philosophy so it is appropriate, even if she is terrible at it.

      • Eric Bjerregaard

        ooops, forgot, though I know a few folks with ag degrees that I would never call farmers.

  • Loren Eaton

    Nuts like Mikey…are why I use an alias. If he showed up at my house, my son (who is not nearly as diplomatic as I am) would probably go James Garner (Rockford) on him, “How ’bout I knock your head down between your knees!!”

    • G

      Amen to that. Aliases, and misdirection as to where one lives (pick a different state or a different country).

      If someone shows up at your house who has made threats against your life, don’t even go outside to talk to them. Just call 911 (or 999 in the UK) and have the police ask him to leave in no uncertain terms. If someone like that tries to gain entry to your house or vehicle, use whatever force is necessary to protect yourself.

  • Kevin Folta

    Well done Jon. It is good for the Stealth Danger to show his true colors. I’m still waiting for the antis to condemn his words. Fortunately there have been a few that have indicated discontent at his message. However, the Smith-Shiva-Oz-Mercola et al group are silent, with Shiva only promoting his work.

    • Verna Lang

      Just tried the Vandana Shiva link. 404 Page Not Found. Her archives are strangely devoid of any such article supporting Mike Adams. The list of Mike’s allies grows thin.

    • First Officer

      “Stealth Danger”, I like that ! 😉

    • Warren Taylor

      I waited in vain after 9/11 for the Muslim world to condemn the attacks.

      • sabelmouse

        you must have been blind, deaf, and illiterate.

  • MakingFunOfMorons

    Misleading headline as the FBI isn’t even mentioned in the story. While I hope the FBI is involved, how about some evidence that they are?

    • Andrew Millard

      FTA: “The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, besieged by complaints from targets and the science and journalism communities, immediately launched an investigation of Adams and the site, with Adams facing possible felony charges of inciting violence (if he lived in a Europe or a Commonwealth country like the U.K., he would probably already have been served).”

  • Desiree Stephanie Kramer

    I became aware of danger of Adams/Natural News was when I came upon Doreen Virtue posting on FB not to get flu shots – one of her post encouraged people to use elderberries..She used a Natural News article to support of her elderberry angel message thing . I wrote John Holland & Reid Tracy who I had already written about Virtue’s false suicide statement given in Seattle in ’12 & warned them Virtue telling people flu shots were unsafe could cause someone not to get a flu shot who needed one to survive and it could kill.. Neither did anything… Natural News is extremist . I have seen posts on their FB actively encouraging people to get off their anti-depressant meds.. https://www.facebook.com/DoreenVirtue444/posts/557442077630441

    • Khan Trailer

      They’re also chemtrail believers and Sandy Hook deniers. Every newsworthy tragedy worldwide is peddled to their followers as a false-flag operation designed in one way or another to remove freedoms from Americans.

      • Desiree Stephanie Kramer

        I am floored at what Hay House allows its authors to plug as from the angels.. Doreen Virtue plugging Natural News to her fan base.. would be taken that angels are leading them there.. I have never seen so much conspiracy stuff seriously presented as on Natural News..

      • April45

        And it seems to be working,

        • Khan Trayles

          Citation needed.

          • April45

            Open your eyes! Read some facts. Stop listening to the controlled mainstream media. Unless you want the latest on Justin Bieber.

          • Khan Trayles

            Facts don’t exist on Natural News.

            I see that in your view, Natural News is gospel, and anyone who doesn’t worship at the alter of Mike Adams must be a MSM consumer who follows the life of Justin Bieber.

            Seems logical.

          • April45

            There are many alternative news sites that refute the party line on the main stream media. Facts do exist but in your narrow mind that would be illogical. Being a “free thinker” should not be a negative. Finding all the information is the way to make an informed decision.

          • JoeFarmer

            What “facts” are you referring to?

          • April45

            For example, vaccine ingredients are listed on the package inserts as are side effects. Nobody actually reads them, but refutes that they could cause harm. Vaccines contain aluminum, formaldehyde,and msg. These are all known human toxins. Why would we inject them over and over into infants? If they say no, they are safe and do not cause any damage to the brain, you believe it. There is no common sense involved anymore.

          • JoeFarmer

            OK, so you’re an anti-vaxxer with no knowledge of toxicology or physiology. Thanks for sharing.

            Watch out for the chemtrails!

          • April45

            That’s what I thought, you cannot answer the question, only insults and mockery. What knowledge do you have of toxicology or physiology? I am a Pharmacy Technician and I have also read the inserts. Have you?

          • JoeFarmer

            Go read the label on your anti-perspirant. What’s the active ingredient?

          • April45

            Thank you, my anti-perspirant has no aluminum! Why do you think that even exists? you are starting to see now.

          • Jackson

            Why do you think that even exists?

            To suppress the odor produced by the human underarm.

          • April45

            My deodorant has none, yet it safely keeps me dry and odor free. Do you really believe the products they make are all safe and toxin free? I have abridge to sell you.

          • Jackson

            I suppose that depends on who “they” are.

          • April45

            They = companies that make the products we use every day. Do not condescend me. Start reading labels, look up the ingredients and know what you are putting on your body or worse, in your body. Ignorance is not bliss.

          • Jackson

            So you are asking me if there are any companies that make a product that is not safe? I’m sure that there are. It is not a sound argument though to say that some companies make things that are not safe, so therefore we should ban GMOs.

          • April45

            We should ban GMO’s because the are not safe and we do not yet even know the outcomes of this technology. There are too many chemicals being invented and put into our environment and food without proper safety tests or long term studies.Corporate greed is rampant. If you think this is ok then you are fool.

          • Slight problems with your hypotheses: 1) Humans have been eating genetically modified foods for almost 30,000 years. That’s a big sign they’re safe. 2) Despite what the SCOTUS said in the Hobby Lobby ruling, corporations are not people, therefore, they cannot be greedy.

          • April45

            Not the same. GM foods now are made resistant to herbicides by crossing the DNA to make them resistant. Now they can apply large amounts of herbicide to the plants without hurting them. Now they also need to make stronger and stronger herbicides to combat super weeds and super pests. Corporations not greedy, laughable!

          • You’re right. They can apply large amounts of herbicide to the plants. Thing is, they do not. Why would they want to waste money on over spraying their crops? You’re biologically resistant to fresh water. Would you chug five gallons of it?

            Now they also need to make stronger and stronger herbicides to combat super weeds and super pests.

            You do realize that this is silly, right? For one, “super” pests (weeds are a type of pest, ask a farmer) are a myth created by concrete farmers. Also, pests have always evolved to be more resistant to pesticides. This isn’t new to farmers. Just city folk who’d have a conniption if they smelled a cow fart.

            Corporations not greedy, laughable!

            How can a tax status feel? Seriously.

          • April45

            On the contrary, the use is skyrocketing. The use of neonics is killing our bees, butterflies and birds. This is also causing the older more toxic herbicides to be resurrected to combat these super weeds and pests. See Dr, Seidler’s study, not a cow’s fart. Exxon, Monsanto and Dow are not “tax status’s” they are large working, polluting, and greedy corporations. But that’s ok with you since you are their mouthpiece.

          • The shill gambit. This tells me you have nothing of substance to actually contribute. Thanks for making that clear.

            One last thing: Look for real science websites. If they have a store, they’re not real science, but excrement.

          • April45

            All of Natural News’ articles are backed by real articles in the footnotes. They are based on real studies. If you cannot see that then maybe you are the shillster. I am not getting paid by anyone are you? Last time I checked all the news corps advertise to support themselves. So according to you, the networks are all lying also. Did you even look at Dr. Seidler’s study? Of course not, that would require you to think independently.

          • Natural News’ stuff is made up by the Stealth Danger himself. Also, I wasn’t talking about the news corps, which do lie. I said science websites. Pubmed. The Cochrane Library. Genetic Literacy Project. Ask The Farmers. The closest they come to a store is a donation button.

            One of the ways the news corps lies is by making it seem like there’s an actual debate to things that scientists see as settled facts: Evolution, human-caused climate change, vaccine safety, GMO safety, contrails are not chemtrails.

            Natural News, on the other hand, is a complete an utter hoax. Adams has made himself rich off of making you afraid of safe things, and then selling you peace of mind. And, of course, he also succeeds because of friend marketing. He makes you afraid of X. Sells you cure Y, which not only cures X, but rids you of mysterious toxins – which, by the way, are never defined – you buy it, and due to his talent at bullcrap spin, you think you feel better. Your feeling better most likely was due to the orgasm you had before drinking or eating his product (or maybe after), but thanks to immediacy, you think it is due to the product. So, you promptly tell your friends about this amazing product (that you learned about from another friend, probably), and when they express doubt or uncertainty, you direct them to his website which is full of bogus, or flawed “studies.” Because your friend trusts you she’s already primed to believe the crap there.

            And yes. I did look at that study. However, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news: It doesn’t say what you think it does.

            One more thing: Another sign that a website isn’t a real science one? Look in the comments for dissenting opinion, if it is there, it’s a good chance it is a real science website. If not, there’s a better than even chance that it is not. Scientists thrive on dissent while pseudoscience thrives on an echo chamber extolling their virtues.

          • April45

            The only one here that is full of crap is you and your narrow mind. As I said, the footnotes are on the bottom of each article. Pubmed is an indexing site. And everything Dr Seidler said is true. GMO”s are not only dangerous to our environment and health, they are a failure. Injecting aluminum and formaldehyde and msg among other things into an infant is not “safe”. If you never question the establishment then you are a fool.

          • carla

            April just wanted to give you some support. I try to wake folks up too. I get mocked and ridiculed as well. They think they are so smart and have no idea they are advancing to 1984 scenario. Time will tell but it will be too late by then. Keep your chin up.

          • April45

            Thank you Carla, We must stay strong, the truth is on our side. I know there are many others who feel the same and question authority

          • Which is why we have outbreaks of Vaccine Preventable Diseases in California, New York, and Disneyland.

            Way to fight the power.

          • April45

            Did you ever stop to think that the vaccines may not be as foolproof as they say? Why are they now saying we older people must get more booster shots? There have been instances where the vaccines they produced were defective. Note the last flu vaccine. They said that we would all get the swine flu if we did not get the shot. A little over 100 measles outbreaks in a country of 320 million is not an epidemic.

          • No one is saying vaccines are foolproof, you nutter. Each vaccine had differing levels of efficacy. However, if you have a cluster of 100 people vaccinated with MMR, for example, it wouldn’t matter that it didn’t take for 5 of them. They’d be covered by the protection of the other 95. That’s known as herd immunity.

            A little over 100 measles outbreaks in a country of 320 million is not an epidemic.

            You might want to count again. According to the CDC, it’s over 100 cases in California ‘s Orange County alone.

          • April45

            No according to the CDC there have been 154 cases in 17 states in 2015. Herd immunity is not true, only in natural immunity does is hold water.Vaccines only last from 2-10 yrs so most of the herd have been running around without immunity for many years according to the Medical Council on Vaccinations. The modern day vaccination industry is run on fairy tales and fear. Look it up, the site is legit. Nutter.

          • Khan Trayles

            “Herd immunity is not true.”

          • April45

            We have already proven that anyone can graph anything they want. See my previous argument. I already gave you a legitimate answer above from a legit site. I do not want to re-argue what I have already argued. If you have something new to offer, then offer it.

          • Khan Trayles

            I missed out on some action here..

            Wow. What a derpalanche from April. You do know there’s more formaldehyde in a pear than in a vaccine, don’t you, April?

          • April45

            10 to 20% of the population may be susceptible to formaldehyde allergies and may react acutely to any dose given. It is an oxidised form which leads to acidosis according to the National Research Council, Mr. Derpalanche.

          • Nothing as sad as the True Believer ™.

          • April45

            Except the drones that believe in the propaganda machine called the main stream media.

          • Only ones that call it “Main Stream Media” are those on the Lunatic Fringe.

          • April45

            What else should we call it? The “controlled media” or “the only news fed to the public on the networks”? Why is anyone who does not agree with the sheep a “lunatic”? Freedom from England was once considered lunacy.

          • The Revolutionaries didn’t ignore the evidence.

            As for why y’all are lunatics? Because, irony, of ironies, you’re bitching about the safety of that which you’ve had, and benefited from.

            Say, remember that time when you were a kid and got polio and then a few months later, smallpox? No? Vaccines!

          • April45

            Didn’t ignore the evidence? It is because they questioned authority we live America today. I have nothing against the childhood vaccines given in 1967. It is now that scares me.

          • They didn’t ignore the evidence that they were being taxed without representation in Parlament. Not because they questioned authority. Had guys like Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and company been sitting in the House of Lords, we’d probably still be subjects of the Crown.

          • April45

            Let’s see, who was taxing without representation? Um, the Monarchy? Who fought the revolutionary war? corporations? no, revolutionaries. As in, question authority.

          • I think you don’t understand what “question authority” means. You’re forgetting the foot soldiers who helped fight the war.

          • April45

            No I am not from Socrates to the 60’s it means what it says.

          • Punctuation is your friend.

          • April45

            Punctuate this.

          • You already did. (smhl)

          • April45

            You are really impressed with yourself aren’t you?

          • It is now that scares me.

            And that is the crux of the matter. You’re scared because of con artists like Mike Adams, Alex Jones, Andrew Wakefield and company. That’s understandable. You were lead to them by someone you trusted who was also terrified.

            Next time you go to the doctor, or pediatrician, ask them to take a few minutes and break down in small words what vaccines are and how they work. I say ask them to use small words because doctors, like most scientists, tend to forget they’re not talking to other scientists and will throw out works like “tympanic membrane,” “Lymphatic System,” “immunoglobin,” words that if you’re unfamiliar with them, sound like a foreign language, and are scary sounding.

            Do not listen to a homeopath, naturopath, or chiropractor. At best, their stuff will be harmless, and at worse, they’ll tell you something like Black Salve will do something like cure cancer but will actually do stuff like this (warning, graphic images):

          • April45

            And this concludes our public health (propaganda) comment. Thank you, Mr. Foster. So you say do not read the package inserts but listen to doctors who apparently do not?

          • I’m saying that the package inserts are there for those who understand them, not for folks who do not.

          • April45

            OMG what total BS.

          • How is that?

          • April45

            Package inserts are thee for anyone willing to read them, which most do not. As a Pharmacy Tech, we read them. You probably don’t read food labels either.

          • Just because you read something, doesn’t mean you understand it. Based on your comments, you do not. So, leave them alone.

          • April45

            You screwed up, just admit it. Or you can just insert foot in mouth.

          • In what way did I screw up?

          • April45

            You stated that package inserts are not based in truth. Then you changed your stance to only people who are smart enough to comprehend them should read them. Your walking into the wall story on Cialis was where it all started and should have ended.

          • I never said they were not based in truth. I said the following: They were written by the folks you say cannot be trusted; that Cialis has in its insert that walking into walls may be a side effect of taking it – and I explained how and why that is; I said the odds of those adverse reactions happening to you would be like winning the lottery three times in a row; And, I said that they are written for those that understand them.

            At no point did I say they weren’t based in truth.

          • April45

            First of all your message “magically” disappeared from the previous conversations so i have no reference. No, your lottery theory is incorrect and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation website says otherwise. As to the people writing them, I cannot choose who writes them, but the fact that they must include them is evidence enough. It is very arrogant of you to say that only people who understand them should read them. You defend very dirty people who do not care if they hurt children, all that matters is the bottom line.

          • It didn’t “magically” disappear, it was never there to begin with. I stand by all of my comments, even when I’m later shown to have them wrong. Hell, I’m a scientist, I want to be wrong. That’s how we get to the best answers.

            , your lottery theory is incorrect and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation website says otherwise.

            Your math is very wrong. Don’t feel bad, I suck at math too. However, consider this: One billion (1,000,000,000) vaccines have been given out. One thousand (1,000) awards have been given by the easiest court system in the world. Compare the two numbers. A simple way to discover the odds is to take the smaller number (1,000) and subtract the same number of zeros from the larger one (1,000,000,000) and what you’re left with – in the case 1,000,000 – and put a one with a colon in from and those would be your approximate odds. So, 1:1,000,000. Looks like lottery odds to me. And that’s for winning a case, not for actual “injury.”

            As to the people writing them, I cannot choose who writes them, but the fact that they must include them is evidence enough.

            Evidence of what? That the manufacturers are doing the opposite of what you’re claiming? That is, informing doctors as to what to be aware of what might happen?

            My point is, and continues to be: You say you don’t trust the manufacturers of vaccines because of nebulous reasons – wait. Sorry, they are “very dirty people who do not care if they hurt children,” yet you are trusting them to be honest with what is on the inserts that they wrote. What kind of mental gymnastics do you have to do to make that work?

            You defend very dirty people who do not care if they hurt children, all that matters is the bottom line.

            Two problems with this hypothesis: 1) If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t make vaccines, nor would have ways for kids to get them for free in the US (I don’t know about other first world nations).
            2) They make more treating the disease than preventing it. Consider: The MMR vaccine costs, with no insurance, $140. Let’s say I choose not to get it because of the chemikills, and instead I get measles. I’m one of the really lucky ones who has to go to the hospital. Here in Maryland, where I live, average daily cost of a hospital stay is $2,000. The average length of a hospital stay for measles is about a week, barring further complications. That comes to $14,000. Looks like a 1400% increase?

            So, which do you think if more profitable for them?

          • April45

            First of all, your message did disappear. But maybe they just purge the bad ones. Anyway, The only reason there are package inserts is because the FDA requires them, not because of your benevolent pharmaceutical companies. Did you ever stop to think about the families of the vaccine injured children? How much do you think they have to spend on care? It is a lot more than a visit to the hospital for measles. I guess that does not matter to you. The vaccine manufacturers make billions on these vaccines, make no mistake. They have plans for a lot more also in the future. They are not in a charitable business, all that matters is the bottom line. You are either very naive or you work for them.

          • First of all, your message did disappear.

            How can something disappear that never existed?

            But maybe they just purge the bad ones

            This is a scientific site. Dissenting opinion is not deleted. Neither is incorrect or misleading. Which is why yours are still here. Were this the website of Mercola or the Stealth Danger, Mike Adams, though, the dissenting ones would be deleted.

            The only reason there are package inserts is because the FDA requires them, not because of your benevolent pharmaceutical companies.

            No, that’s not the only reason. That’s one reason out of many. There’s also the reason I listed above: They do it to inform doctors what possible side effects to look out for.

            Did you ever stop to think about the families of the vaccine injured children?

            The real ones? Do they actually exist? I’ve not seen genuine evidence any are real. I’ve seen about 25 commenters say their kids were “vaccine injured,” but without access to the children’s medical records… well, I say I’m God.

            How much do you think they have to spend on care? It is a lot more than a visit to the hospital for measles.

            See my last response. Also, if any truly believe their children were harmed by vaccines, there’s this little place called the “Office of Special Masters of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims,” colloquially known as the “Vaccine Court.” They have a very low threshold of evidentiary burden of proof, and you can file until you get tired of it, or you get compensated. Guess what? It doesn’t cost the families a penny.

            The vaccine manufacturers make billions on these vaccines, make no mistake.

            Prove it.

            They have plans for a lot more also in the future.

            That’s a good thing. Vaccines save lives. They prevent suffering.

            They are not in a charitable business, all that matters is the bottom line.

            No, you’re confusing them with Mike Adams, Joe Mercola, Andy Wakefield, et al.

            You are either very naive or you work for them.

            Neither, actually. I’m a scientist by hobby and an author by trade. I’ve mentioned this in my comments above. Did you forget?

          • mxrss

            @disqus_nei5f4afXI:disqus Mr. Foster is right, just because you can read it does not mean you can understand it. For example, when you buy electrical parts they come with a circuit diagram, you can read it all you want, but the part that matters do you understand it.

            Its technical, its not written in layman terms, and every interaction you do in life has some associated risk. Its admirable you want to do what is best for your children, however vaccines have been proven safe. Its not 100% safe, nothing is.

            For example lets look at airplanes, when you get on a airplane a chance exists that it could be your last. However, that is like 1:100,000,000. Odds also increase because you have a pilot who is probably well trained. A mechanic staff that is well trained, and flight crew that is well trained.

            You should never be trusting too much of anyone. But comedians are not a source of scientifically valid information. Scientists, Doctors, Researchers.

            You want to know something about medicene, is that it won’t work all the time. And it is a field that is learning new stuff. But you want to know an intresting story. Steve Jobs was diagnoised with Pancriatic Cancer, the doctors told him to get surgery to remove or excise the cancer, he choose not to and used some type of homeopathic medicene thing. He thought he knew better than a doctor. What was the result? The man died… When he wanted to have the surgery he waited too long. That is not to say that had he had the surgery he would of been magically cured moderen medicene is not there.

            But had he had it, when it — it was viable he might of added a decade or two longer to his life, cause his chances would of went up. If

          • JoeFarmer

            April is Norwegian. Quit wasting your time on her.

          • April45

            Safe and effective, ya right tell that to the dead people. When you stop to question the establishment, you learn things. I do listen to doctors, not comedians. The people you listen to are drones that spew the company line. I listen to people who look closer and dare to say it even when it risks their career or livelihood. That is character. The talking heads have no character.

          • Say with with me: Doza delayet yad, La dose fait le poison, La dosis hace el veneno, Jìliàng shǐ dúyào, Tōyo-ryō wa, doku o tsukuru.

            “What the hell is that?”

            Glad you asked. That is the famous toxicology and chemistry saying, “The dose makes the poison,” in Russian, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

            The infant produces, in it’s own body, formaldehyde. Far more than is in any vaccine. Aluminum is the second most abundant element on the planet, making up 8% of the earth’s crust. You breathe in far more aluminum than is in any vaccine. By the way, what you’re thinking of, elemental aluminum, isn’t in the vaccines. It is aluminum salts. Making something a salt, means making it able to dissolve in a liquid which reduces its toxicity. That aluminum you breath in daily? Elemental aluminum. far more toxic. Repeat the mantra above.

            Monosodium glutamate (MSG, also known as sodium glutamate) is the sodium salt of glutamic acid, one of the most abundant naturally occurring non-essential amino acids. MSG is found in tomatoes, Parmesan, potatoes, mushrooms, and other vegetables and fruits. Which means it is safe in moderation. See the mantra at the beginning.

            If you never question the establishment then you are a fool.

            I agree. I’m a scientist by hobby. I question the establishment. Why wouldn’t I? There’s a Nobel Prize in it for me if I disprove any of the current theories. Even better? There’s a kind of immortality in doing so as well. But, in order for me to do so, I must provide compelling, strong evidence.

            However, if you always question it, without training? You’re a bigger fool. Look, if you want to overspend on food because you have more money than sense, that is one thing and fine with me.

            If you do not protect your children – if you have any – that is completely different and not so fine with me. The only reason you should not vaccinate your kids is if your pediatrician says it is Medically Inadvisable, or they’re too young. If they do, or have, then you make absolutely certain everyone who comes in contact with them is vaccinated.

            Vaccines are safe. Vaccines save lives.

          • April45

            Stay with me here, 25 injections in California before the age of 15 months. In some states, even more. That number is growing. What are we going to vaccinate for next? The common cold? Human aborted fetal tissue in vaccines, who knows what that can do to an infant. I have children and I do them a favor by questioning the establishment. If my son got autism because i did not do the research and blindly listened to the sheep of the world, I would be at fault. I look to the people that do the research and question the establishment. I listen to the voices of the parents whose children have been affected by vaccines. You may be a scientist but you are still a sheep. I do not overspend on food just because I do not buy junk for my family. You are what you eat.

          • 25 injections in California before the age of 15 months.

            You might want to recount. Remember: Combination shots – ala TDaP and MMR – are still one. They don’t get counted separately.

            What are we going to vaccinate for next? The common cold?

            If we could figure out a safe & effective one, why the hell not? Are you going to try to tell me that you enjoy suffering from an illness?

            Human aborted fetal tissue in vaccines, who knows what that can do to an infant.

            Cell line. Not the tissue. Means it’s a descendant. As to what it can do to an infant, nothing. I know, you’re gonna say, “How do you know, and what’s it in there for?” The answers are simple, in the case of how I know, and more complex in the case of why they’re there. We’ll start with how I know: The cell line was started way back in 1960. Which means we’ve had 55 years o see that these cell cultures are safe.

            Why they’re there: Cell culture is the process by which cells are grown under controlled conditions, generally outside of their natural environment. In practice, the term “cell culture” now refers to the culturing of cells derived from multicellular eukaryotes, especially animal cells. However, there are also cultures of plants, fungi, insects and microbes, including viruses, bacteria and protists. The historical development and methods of cell culture are closely interrelated to those of tissue culture and organ culture.

            The laboratory technique of maintaining live cell lines (a population of cells derived from a single cell and containing the same genetic makeup) separated from their original tissue source became more robust in the middle 20th century which is how we’ve been able to maintain them since 1960.

            I have children and I do them a favor by questioning the establishment.

            Not in this case. Not only do you risk them suffering from these preventable diseases, you risk the much longer lasting side effects and death. Why do you want your children to suffer needlessly? I thought you cared about them.

            If my son got autism because i did not do the research and blindly listened to the sheep of the world, I would be at fault.

            Why do you sick freaks act like those of us with autism are horrible monsters that must be avoided at all costs? So much so you’d rather your child risk dying than be like us? I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news: Looking back with what we know now? Einstein was autistic. So was Stephen Jobs. Michelangelo Bonaroti. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Isaac Newton. Charles Darwin. Thomas Jefferson. Lewis Carroll. Hans Christen Anderson. James Joyce. Nikola Tesla.

            Further bad news: With the exception of Jobs, Einstein and Joyce, all lived before vaccines were invented.

            I look to the people that do the research and question the establishment

            No, you listen to charlatans and their victims. Because they appeal to your emotions, you listen closely.

            Before vaccines were invented, VPDs killed billions. Since their introduction in first world nations (where it’s easy to get vaccines) VPDs have killed maybe 200 people?

            It is easy to question the successful.

            . I listen to the voices of the parents whose children have been affected by vaccines.

            There have been 3 billion vaccines given out since their creation. Meanwhile, there have been maybe 1,000 harmed (which is what you meant, not affected). Last I checked 1,000,000,000,000 < 1,000.

            I do not overspend on food just because I do not buy junk for my family.

            No, you overspend because you’ve been successfully marketed to. You’ve bought into the corporate lies that “Organic uses no pesticides,” and “Organic is healthier.”

            You are what you eat.

            This is one of the silliest slogans ever invented. I really wish I knew how it came into everyday usage.

            The fact is, you’re a human. You’ll always be human. Nothing can change that.

          • April45

            The vaccines are 25 and i did count them as combo vaccines. See the vaccine chart for doctors. Are you serious you think we should never get an illness? Nobody likes to be sick, of course, but we need to naturally strengthen our immune systems, not pump more vaccines into our bodies for forced immunity. They really do not know what the fetal tissue does to the human body when injected. New studies state that the DNA in vaccines is taken up by cells and recombined into the genome. This causes inflammation of the brain. See the study by Ratajczak. The point is really that we do not know what causing the rate of autism to go sky high. The cell culture in a lab is quite different from it’s actual effect on the human brain of an infant. Aspergers and full blown autism are not the same. I do not think any child would choose to have autism, so do not read me the riot act. First of all, you have made an assumption, that I do not believe in vaccination. I believe in a limited amount of vaccinations for truly life threatening diseases. Not a free reign for big pharma to inject our children as many times as they want and then get the public in a witchhunt to go after those who do not comply. If their vaccines work so well the vaccinated should have no worries anyway. If you put garbage into your body the fact is that you will get sick. Meaning, you are what you eat. Truth. Organic is not perfect, but the practices the farmers use are much better for the environment. I only buy the dirty dozen in organic produce. Organic meat is definitely better than factory farmed and hormone injected antibiotic infused meat. I read all the labels for artificial preservatives and other chemicals. Whole foods are always better than processed. Eating organic helps the planet. I often find that the “smartest” people who throw big words around, lack common sense.

          • This is so full of wrong, I don’t know where to start. You bought a Pet Rock as a kid, didn’t you?

            Here, maybe this will help you understand (watch to the end): http://youtu.be/QgpfNScEd3M

          • April45

            This is so biased it ain’t even funny. Where do they get these doctors “quack.com”? They are breaking their own code of ethics if they force vaccination. First of all, this is not 1950, they had 7 vaccines for deadly illnesses by age 6. Now we have increased that by 414%. It is totally out of control. These doctors let the vaccine industry say how many is safe. They do not even think for themselves any more. Now why don’t you go and read the package insert from Merck’s MMR vaccine. St Judes just came out saying you should keep your child away from newly vaccinated people because of shedding if they have cancer. What does that say to you? probably nothing, you are too busy watching “Breaking Bad” .

          • Argumentum ad package insert. lol. Nice fallacy. Wanna know what’s truly hilarious about said fallacy? Before I tell you my favorite anecdote about package inserts, allow me to drop some more bad news on you: The folks that write the package inserts are the same folks who make them, ie: The folks you say can’t be trusted.

            ROFLMAO. I love irony, don’t you?

            Now, back to my anecdote about what is written on the inserts. A few years back, before it came to market, I was involved in a pharmacokinetics study for Cialis. These studies are what leads to what’s put in the inserts. Anyhoo, while on the phone with my then girlfriend, after dosing, I was pacing the halls of the facility, not watching where I was going. I ended up walking into a wall. When I returned to my dorm room, a study nurse spotted the red mark on my forehead and asked what had happened. When I told her, she opened up my file and wrote “Walked into wall,” as an Adverse Event. So, if you read the package insert for Cialis, it will say, “May cause walking into walls.”

            Something to keep in mind next time you try the Argument From Package Insert logical fallacy.

          • April45

            So let me get this straight, you say the package inserts in the vaccinations are not true? The side effects listed are not real??? Funny how that works in your favor. Better alert the media.

          • That is not what I said at all. Ever play the lottery?

          • April45

            No and that is what you stated.

          • Please re-read my comments.

            As for the package inserts, the odds of those events happening to you are greater than you winning the lottery. Actually, going off those odds, you’d be more likely to win the lottery three times.

          • April45

            I did, same result. Sorry.

          • Ron Roy

            April45 Foster’s a shill for evil corporations ignore him he’s either very evil or ignorant.

          • April45

            You are correct he said he was part of a vaccine study then he later acted like he never said it. Thanks

          • Jane

            Two thumbs up for your comment April. So very very true!

          • April45

            Thank you for supporting me.

          • mxrss

            April, There exists no link between vaccines and autism. Please, please do some research. The paper that suggested this link has been panned by the scientific community.

            Whooping cough, meseals (which has come back into play because parents are not vaccinating their children. The outbreak at Disneyland comes to mind)

            True, medicene has risks, if you don’t want to vacinate your kids fine dont. However, please don’t bring them to resturants or to theme parks, home school them and put a sign on them that says uncleaned, so i know to stay away.

          • April45

            First stick to going to Disneyland,where you belong. And second, learn how to spell medicine and measles before you tell others what to do about them. Keep listening to the mainstream media and being their lackey.

          • mxrss


            CDC has this as a documented case, do you trust the CDC?

          • April45


          • mxrss
          • mxrss

            There is a ton of research, but if you choose to not believe experts in their field then no one can help you. You can question their evidence all you want but here is the thing about science it does not really care what you think, nor what i think. It does not deal in absolutes or has politics.

            But there is very weak evidence that vaccines cause autism. However, we do know with certainty that if children are not vaccinated then we can have them contract small pox, polio, etc. Now, i think your argument has some merit with regards to vaccinating for too many things. I kind of draw the line at HPV and I do not get yearly vaccines for flu shot, because i have anecdotal evidence it makes me have the flu, also I am young (thirty) so I would rather the old and those with the weak immune system have my vaccine.

            However, I am not naive enough to believe that vaccines cause, autism or any such nonsense.

            Causation != Correlation.

          • April45

            Who is to say that your “science” is true and the science alternative doctors give is not? Why is only the mainstream science the true one in your eyes? I am not against vaccination, I am against too many, and I am against the toxins in them being injected into babies and children. If we say children must be forced to get vaccines or no school, what is next? adults? unlimited new vaccines required for all? Is that your wish? This is crazy and we need to say no and demand only necessary and safe vaccines given at a safe age. Why would anyone be against that?

          • Richard Beres

            no proof of autism from vaccines. zero. and by the way. the statistics overwhelmingly support the use of vaccines to prevent childhood illnesses like polio or whooping cough.

          • April45

            Yeah ok and there are no side effects either. Like the guy here in Sacramento that was a volunteer for Richard Pan (SB 277) for 7 years then he got the DTap now he is paralyzed with guillain-barre syndrome. Why don’t you ask him about safe and effective.

          • animalparty

            It’s pointless arguing with these idiots April45. They’ll believe anything their infallible corporate idols tell them. They live in a little bubble where nobody is capable of greed or corruption. They’re dumb as hell, and I’m ashamed to have to share a planet with them. Keep trying to educate fools, but you aren’t going to get anywhere. They’re beyond recovery.

          • Ron Roy

            Click on this link or cut and past into your browse. Then if you still believe vaccines are beneficial you’re a hopeless case and any further discussion with you would be an act of futility. http://whale.to/m/critics.html

          • hyperzombie

            April, even NaturalNews does not believe in what they print, have you ever read the disclaimer?

            Here is the part about their professional advice:

            No information on this site is intended as, or shall be construed as, legal, financial, medical or expert advice of any kind. NaturalNews is not responsible for typographical errors, editing errors, or news source errors. THE NaturalNews NETWORK STRONGLY SUGGESTS THAT YOU SEEK ADVICE FROM A COMPETENT PROFESSIONAL REGARDING ISSUES IN ANY PROFESSIONAL FIELD.

            Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/Terms.html#ixzz3SzZoGyqI

          • April45

            Disclaimers are on everything, otherwise anyone could sue for the silliest of reasons. Have you read a vaccine insert lately or listened to the side effects of a medication advertised on tv? If you do not know that, then I give up.

          • hyperzombie

            Really April? Vaccines and meds dont say on there ads. Contact a real professional.

          • April45

            Thats because there are so many side effects on these “meds” Who would you contact? Anyone who actually reads the inserts would think twice before injecting them into their child. Even most “doctors” don’t question anything. If the vaccine companies or the FDA say it, then it is gospel.

          • Jane

            My 2 cents! What in your opinion makes a Real Professional?

          • GMO Joe

            Wow. Never noticed that. Can you imagine the NY Times or Washington Post putting that on their web site? Not exactly a paragon of journalistic integrity.

          • Jason

            The appearance of fact does not make it fact. But, it clearly fools many people so it must be effective.

          • April45

            That definitely goes for the mainstream media.

          • Jason

            It certainly does. That’s why you should verify for yourself. It doesn’t take much research before you come to the conclusion that Nat News is nothing more than a sensationalist rag trying to attract eyes to to their site in order to sell any number of snake oil products.

          • April

            I have verified the footnotes. He is legit. He sells to support his site. I do not have to buy.

          • Jason

            Funny… That’s the exact opposite of what I found.

          • Khan Trayles


          • Ron Roy

            Are you working for Monsanto? Surely no one could be that stupid unless they’re paid to be!

          • Manzer Belanger

            Cross pollination is not GMO as it is done today with different species of plants and animals.
            Corporations are treated as people in the USA ! Haven’t you read up on that yet ? The US Supreme Court granted them that status and they can now donate $$$$$$ to any party at any time for whatever reason.

          • Congratulations. You’re the first person I don’t really have a response for. I can’t tell if you’re agreeing with me, or disagreeing.

          • Ron Roy

            The first genetically modified plant was produced in 1983. 30,000 years???? Where did you get that information? It must have come out of your a_s.

          • Ron Roy

            You sir are either misinformed or just plain stupid. The choice is yours.

          • Jackson

            Then properly inform me and make a substantive statement, instead of just lobbing content free insults. The choice is yours.

          • JoeFarmer

            Yes, I’m starting to see you are paranoid. Good luck going outside, 8% of the earth’s crust is aluminum, you can’t avoid it.

            Watch out for the chemtrails!

          • April45

            What you call paranoid i call informed. What you call JoeFarmer I call a sheep.

          • Manzer Belanger

            The Earths’ crust may contain 8% aluminum -but whatever you do ingest from eating is taken off by your digestive tract. What is injected into your blood-stream stays in your body and ends up harming your organs. The same with mercury or any other poisons.

          • Ron Roy

            Do the world a favor and get as many vaccines as you can. Let us know what you want for an obituary before you get vaccinated your brain may be to damaged to honor that request after you get vaccinated,

          • JoeFarmer

            “…your brain may be to damages…”


            All your base are belong to us!

          • Ron Roy

            Sorry I should proof read. Glad I made you laugh. Doesn’t take much to make an immature brain laugh.

          • Ron Roy

            The pharmacists at a local drug store admitted to the other employees that they would never take the flu vaccine.

          • April45


          • Ron Roy

            I once debated with a pediatrician on the safety of vaccines at a lecture he gave at a local hospital and I buried him. Doctors are clueless concerning vaccines. I’ll gladly debate any doctor, in a public forum, concerning the safety of vaccines and I’ll make him look like an idiot.

          • JoeFarmer

            I doubt it, since you used too many commas in your opening sentence.

            That’s one of the filters. People that get into med school can pass college freshman English. Your first sentence shows that you couldn’t make the cut.

          • hyperzombie

            Wow, these anti-vaxxers are even nuttier than the anti gmo crazies.

          • JoeFarmer


            And I get how they can’t use English effectively. But they should have some useful skill. I’m not seeing whatever skill that might be, though.

            Maybe crash test dummy? Freight ship ballast?

          • JoeFarmer

            Sad thing is these doofs were bumped from the workforce by the invention of the Zamboni!

          • hyperzombie


            I have a great zamboni story, and if I am ever drunk commenting I will tell you it, but lets just say that I am not welcome in Great Falls Montana, anymore.

          • JoeFarmer

            You know, I kinda felt bad about boxing this guy’s ears, since he’s probably not even eligible for the special olympics, but he dredged up a three month old post.

            So he had it coming.

          • animalparty

            You’re embarrassingly dense JoeFarmer.

  • Andrew Millard

    The link to the article on archive.org goes to the scrubbed version. Is there a cache/screengrab anywhere of the original article?

  • DrXym

    If Mike Adams finds himself on the receiving end of federal charges then it will be no less than he deserves. Everyone is entitled to an opinion on GMO but when a person starts listing names and addresses of people who deserve to be killed then they deserve to be arrested and charged with threatening behaviour. And I hope he is.

    Anyway, I expect the mainstream of anti-GMO are thoroughly embarrassed by these loons on the fringes. Any attempt to have a rational and nuanced debate on the subject is scuppered when there are people screeching comparisons to Nazis or making other absurd and evidence-lite accusations.

    • First Officer

      Huh, he is part of the mainstream. yes on the extreme end but, judging from the comments he got on his site and statements like RosAnne’s we can help burn your crops for you, not a full sigma from center.

      • G

        None the less, he does poison the debate, such that anyone raising any reservations whatsoever about GMOs, gets labeled a kook. To my mind it’s legitimate to ask questions about potential ecological impacts, provided one is actually asking honest questions and willing to abide by factual answers.

    • Excuse My Ignorance

      stick to the facts.. the people who represent greed and selfishness usually end up alone anyway. If this article is true I hope that mike adams doesn’t make any death threats because thats not what the anti gmo movement is about.. its about change.. the people who are wrong will trip over there own feet. if this is true its unfortunate that mike adams let his anger get the best of him. I hope he finds truth in the good that he is attempting to point out. We all know there are evil people out there with evil intentions.. we just have to kick them out. Threats aren’t the way to go.. 🙁

  • Sara

    The FBI has investigated people for much, much less. I am surprised it has taken this long for Adams to be investigated since he is the origin of so much aggressive rhetoric against scientists and the government in general.

  • Shay

    As Napoleon said (I think it was Napoleon) — never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake.

  • BioWonk

    So many anti-science groups and persons citing and re-posting Natural News as though it’s gospel and that they are so “wise” for supporting Adams’ nonsense.Here’s what you can expect to find on The Natural News:

    Still waiting for the admin to provide pic or vid evidence from courthouse employees or townspeople to corroborate the “armed guards and attack dogs”

    5 seconds on Google will produce over a dozen outlets, including Forbes, that were part of this *TOTAL* “media blackout”

    And if that wasn’t enough, chemtrails:

    and the coup de grace, HIV denial:

    So, anyone who insists on citing The Natural News as a source surrenders their right to be taken seriously.

    Gotta say though, my favorite comment on the NitWitual News was in agreement with a “study” claiming that Vitamin D is “just as effective” as vaccines. One future Nobel Prize candidate responded with, “Yup. All you need is sunshine.”

    Yeah. We have the history of the entire continent of Africa as evidence for that brilliant observation.

    • j

      Idiots, research NASA Scientist Dennis M Bushnell if you want real answers to your misinformed minds. If your teachers are incorrectly trained, so to will you be.

  • G

    FBI investigating Adams: Wonderful news. FBI only brings charges if they are highly confident in getting a conviction; and when they know they’ve got someone, they may also take their time reeling them in. So keep your eyes open, this could get more interesting rather than less, though it may take months or longer. If it’s announced that he’s being charged, invest in popcorn futures (GMO or otherwise;-) and prepare for some seriously entertaining courtroom drama.

  • be honest CSL …. fess up

    This is a pro-GMO/GE website, so not surprising at all to read your comments below. Think.

    • Eric Bjerregaard

      Many folks who read these articles do think. That’s why we Think mikey is, maybe, perhaps, just a tad shy in the logic and integrity departments. Please try reading the articles these folks produce and not just the comments by troublemakers such as myself. Then you think it through.

  • Tyler Hurson

    I was recently banned at NN after posting a bunch of criticism of their articles. It’s sad that a community that markets itself as ‘skeptics’ and ‘free-thinkers’ seems to have no problem silencing dissenting opinions.

    As I always say, a community that flirts with conspiracy theories is eventually overrun by them. Lunacy has become the mainstay of the anti-GMO movement.

    • Eric Bjerregaard

      So, Tyler, to carry your logic a bit further. If I flirt with beautiful women. I’ll be over run with them? I saw your comments, occasionally hit the like button, and made a few inflammatory remarks myself. I mentioned GLP, biofortified, The Perugia study, and a few other “troll/Shill folks positively. Did this for 2 reasons. I hope that the silent readers will sometimes get curious. And I enjoy insulting folks like mikey. I’m banned as well Seems I may have carried things a bit far when I mentioned that [in]famous libeler, Kevin Folta in a positive manner.

  • Desiree Stephanie Kramer

    GLP…I am so sorry you were listed to be seemingly targeted for death by such nuts. Happy the FBI is stepping in. Be safe and well..

  • gene

    i want to hear his side of it…….always 2 sides folks!

  • First Officer

    Hello Jon. Any word on the FBI investigation?

  • scotty perey

    does anyone know of any updates to this investigation?

  • Doug

    As noted elsewhere “Those Nazis love genetic purity, and hate foreign genes”!

    Wait, that’s the NGO crowd, right?

  • aubreyfarmer

    I could read all of the links but why waste the time. You could post a million links and I would not believe the propaganda. Monsanto is the devil. The pharmaceutical industry is full of liars and thieves. They push their garbage on us and protect themselves from liability by paying off politicians to pass laws on their behalf.

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  • Juju

    GMOS are supposed to feed the world. Unfortuently, it’s starving the very people it’s trying to feed. When are people going to stop trying to make short term economic gains versus long term payback. You reap what you sew.

  • realfo

    Good propaganda piece, this falls under black propaganda which means its full of LIES. Its a diversion article to focus on Mike’s so called actions. He’s a real individual concerned by the greed of big corporations like Monsanto who specialize in weaponized materials such as Agent Orange. GMO crops will destroy and mutate our huhhman race. Look it UP

  • Me = Paul Heyman Guy

    Mike Adams recently attacked Whole Foods because one of their employees assaulted a military veteran outside a Whole Foods store.

    Sometimes I wonder if Adams is a paid agent provocateur. And now after I read he called for anti-GMO activists to murder scientists, I am convinced that he is indeed an agent provocateur.

  • April45

    Another witch hunt to hide the truth. Mike Adams is not the villain here. Questioning GMO’s is not the problem here, allowing them to take over the natural world is. Apples that don’t brown, that is entirely creepy. Huge amounts of pesticides used to grow them going into our air and bodies. GMO’s are the destruction of everything natural. Monsanto is truly evil and has no care for you or your families, only for profits. Wake up sheep!

    • Antumbra

      Is there a checklist/autofill or are you a bot?

      • April45

        Come again???

    • JoeFarmer

      Wow, you are truly clueless!

      • April45

        Why do you say that? Do you work for Monsanto?

        • JoeFarmer

          No, I don’t work for Monsanto. But I do understand science, and every bit of your little screed goes against science.

          Do you work for Natural News?

          • April45

            You understand science? Really? What part of my “screed” goes against science? Tell me what you believe? Are you saying aluminum is not a neurotoxin?

          • Dominick Dickerson

            What does aluminum have to do with genetic engineering of crop plants?

            You’re anti-Monsanto. Cool whatever that really doesn’t change the fact that genetic engineering isn’t anymore dangerous than other methods of plant breeding.

            Crops derived from genetic engineering are in no way “taking over the natural world”.

          • April45

            We were talking about aluminum in vaccines, not GMO’s. Genetic engineering and hybridization are not the same. Do not confuse the two. Genetic engineering is dangerous when you inject chemical and animal DNA into plants. Just because we can do it doesn’t mean we should.

          • Jackson

            Do not confuse the two. Genetic engineering is dangerous when you inject chemical and animal DNA into plants.

            Why is it dangerous to combine DNA from bacteria and plants?

          • April45

            Well the proof is in the pudding. Super weeds, super pests, what do you think is happening? Talk about denial. Putting chemical DNA into our bodies is safe? Please.

          • Jackson

            Putting chemical DNA into our bodies is safe?

            *face palm*

          • April45

            I will take that as a no. The truth hurts.

          • Jackson

            You should take it as me being exasperated by your extreme ignorance. What do you even mean by “chemical DNA”? All DNA is chemical.

          • April45

            What do you want me to call it? Molecular structure? Chemical properties? I am exasperated by your indifference to life and your reckless support of the destruction of it.

          • Jackson

            What do you want me to call it? Molecular structure? Chemical properties?

            I’m just blindsided by your knowledge of biology and chemistry. I want you to call it DNA. I have no clue what you are referring to when you say “chemical DNA.” What distinction are you making when you put the word “chemical” in there?

            So when you ask if I think it’s safe for people to eat DNA, yes, yes I do think it’s safe for people to eat DNA.

            I am exasperated by your indifference to life and your reckless support of the destruction of it.

            I go to work everyday and work on alleviating malnutrition, blindness, and infection in poor countries.

          • April45

            Really where do you work? The UN?

          • Jackson

            I work for a non-profit research center that, in part, develops biofortified GMO crops that are given away for free to third world farmers.

          • April45

            Biofortified?You mean like Golden Rice? More like a trojan horse for co-dependence on Monsanto. Seed dependence.

          • Jackson

            How does golden rice make one dependent on Monsanto?

            We work with increasing beta carotene content of some crops, but not rice. We work on increasing iron content of some crops. We work on viral resistance for some crops. What does any of that have to do with Monsanto?

          • April45

            Really? Why did the Rockefeller Foundation drop its support for it? Patents, patents patents… where does it end? Will the farmers get to keep the seeds? Playing God is what you are doing, He does not need patents, Human arrogance once again.

          • Jackson

            Why don’t you answer the question and tell me what any of this has to do with Monsanto. If you’re not going to provide evidence for anything, at least make your arguments coherent.

            The crops we work with propagate vegetatively, not through seeds, so yes, the farmers can freely propagate from one season to another.

            Playing God is what you are doing, He does not need patents, Human arrogance once again.

            Is this all really just some half-baked religious objection?

          • April45

            What does God have to do with religion? God was here long before religion. I am glad you propagate vegetatively, but you are still messing with nature. Monsanto is a major player in the GMO game, even you know that. Why do you defend GMO technology? Do you support nanotechnology also?

          • Jackson

            What does God have to do with religion? God was here long before religion

            Let me rephrase. Is this all some half-baked theistic objection?

            I am glad you propagate vegetatively, but you are still messing with nature. Monsanto is a major player in the GMO game, even you know that.

            It seems like things are all jumbled up in your head. Vegetative propagation is a property of the particular crops we work with. It means that instead of going to seed, cuttings are taken and new whole plants form from those cuttings. Vegetatively propagated crops can still be patented if there is a novel trait added to them by means of hybridization, mutagenesis, or transformation.

            Monsanto does a lot with transgenics, but most of their revenue is from conventional seeds. Lots of other groups, either companies or non-profits or universities work with transgenics.

            Why do you defend GMO technology?

            Because they have the potential to be a part of the solution for a great number of human problems. And because they have undergone extensive testing, and been shown to be completely safe.

          • April45

            It is better than your anti-theist objections. Do you really think humans can fix everything. We have screwed up the world so bad already. We are not in control of nature. We owe our lives to nature. Nature does not need us. The sooner the planet rids of us the better it will be for nature.We are the illness, not the cure. Goodnight.

          • Dominick Dickerson

            That’s not how genetic engineering works bout go on believing that.

            Genetic engineering and hybridization are both forms of genetic modification. One involves the shuffling of entire genomes the other involves the manipulation, insertion or deletion of specific genes. But both are indeed “genetic modifications” in any logical sense.

          • April45

            Shuffling, manipulation, insertion, deletion of genes? It all equals the same result, messing with what is perfect and having the arrogance to think you can make it better. You people are destroying the balance of nature with no responsibility for the future. Throwing your big words around do not change the outcome, irresponsible science.

          • Jackson

            Yeah we should never shuffle genes around, therefore we should ban all sexual reproduction of all plants and animals!

          • April45

            Plants do not inject other plants with animal DNA. Nor do humans inject each other with plant or chemical DNA.

          • Jackson

            Bacteria inject plants with DNA all the time. Virusususes inject humans with DNA all the time. Where do you think scientists got the idea from? Where do you think they got the ability do transfer genes from one organism to another? Nature!!

          • April45

            We know the results of that. Was that something we should mimic? Do not try to justify what you are doing, it is dangerous and foolish.

          • Dominick Dickerson

            Have you ever seen a wild carrot or banana? How about wild watermelon or tomato? Even peek at wild taro or teosinte? Most modern crop plants are almost unrecognizable when compared to the wild ancestors. . The progenitors of today’s crops usually contain large numbers of inedible seeds, low quantity and quality of edible biomass or contain naturally occurring poisonous metabolites.
            We as a species have been manipulating the genetics of every food crop you’ve ever eaten for the better part of 30000 years in one way or another. That’s just the way it is

          • April45

            Hybridization and cross breeding of plants is not the problem here. The problem is adding chemical or animal DNA to plants. Adding herbicide to plant DNA is not safe. The results are already being seen.

          • Dominick Dickerson

            Hahaha, good luck with that.

          • April45

            Good luck with what? What do you call super weeds and super pests? Now we need stronger chemicals to kill them, where does that end?

          • Dominick Dickerson

            Resistance in pests is a natural product of any selection mechanism. Its evolution in action. That’s why it’s important for farmers to have control methods that utilize different modes of action. Over reliance. On glyphosate has created sufficient selection pressure that resistance to it has occurred. That’s why the new 2,4-D resistant crops are needed. It will allow farmers to rotate the herbicides they use to slow the inevitable rise of resistance.

          • April45

            Really? What next? Atom bombs? We cannot stop resistance, it will continue. But I guess that is just job security for you guys. Who cares at what cost to life.

          • hyperzombie

            super weeds

            There are weeds that are resistant to every weed control method, there are even weeds that are resistant to hand weeding and fire.

          • Jackson

            But when those weeds put on glasses, you can’t even tell them apart from the regular weeds.

          • hyperzombie


          • Jackson

            Super weeds… puts on glasses… are now clark kent weeds.

          • hyperzombie

            LOL *breath* LOL… so funny.

          • April45

            They are not super weeds. Chemically manufactured and only chemically destroyed. Not ok

          • hyperzombie

            Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but everything is chemically manufactured, cause everything is a chemical or a reaction of chemicals.

            and only chemically destroyed

            I thought you said that they were resistant to chemicals< hmmm strange logic.

          • April45

            Synthetic chemicals. Created by man. Resistant to chemicals manufactured by them, until they are not…more chemicals!

          • Jackson

            Questioning GMO’s is not the problem here, allowing them to take over the natural world is.

            Questioning GMOs isn’t a problem, but asserting counterfactual things like “they are taking over the world” and “Huge amounts of pesticide used to grow them” and “they are the destruction of everything natural,” is a problem.

            Monsanto is truly evil and has no care for you or your families, only for profits. Wake up sheep!

            Monsanto isn’t a person, it’s a corporation, and so can’t feel anything or have care for people. They are a corporation that acts in their own best interest and tries to make money, just like every other corporation on the planet, just like Whole Foods, and just like Natural News.

          • April45

            Citizens United says so. But I am glad you see that corporations really should not be people. Question GMO’s, you may learn something.

          • Jackson

            Citizens United says so.

            Well, I’ll just have to disagree with you there. I don’t consider corporations people who can feel things.

            Question GMO’s, you may learn something.

            I do every day as part of my job developing GMOs. Having knowledge of the subject matter automatically disqualifies me as a shill though, right?

          • April45

            No but sucking off the GMO tit does. The government feels that corporations are people, sick people with no conscience, but people none the less. GM technology is destroying the planet and creating super weeds and super pests. Now they had to approve super pesticides and herbicides to rid of them. Ya great science. Kill us all.

          • Jackson

            The government feels that corporations are people, sick people with no conscience, but people none the less.

            I don’t really want to get into a big argument about whether corporations are people, lets just leave it at me not thinking they are, and the government and you thinking they are.

            GM technology is destroying the planet and creating super weeds and super pests. Now they had to approve super pesticides and herbicides to rid of them. Ya great science. Kill us all.

            What super pesticides and herbicides that are killing us all are you referring to? Using pesticides and herbicides didn’t originate with GMOs, and it won’t end if GMOs are banned.

            Proper crop rotation and pesticide rotation are good farming practices regardless of whether GMOs or conventional crops are being grown. I think your ire for transgenic technology is misplaced.

          • April45

            I do not feel that corporations are people the law does. What do you think Dicamba is?? The 2-4-D component is deadly to humans and toxic to the environment. What is next? Have we learned nothing from “Silent Spring”? My ire is not misplaced.

          • Jackson

            Dicamba does not present unusual handling hazards.[6] It is moderately toxic by ingestion and slightly toxic by inhalation or dermal exposure (oral LD50 in rats: 757 mg/kg body weight, dermal LD50 in rats: >2,000 mg/kg, inhalation LC50 in rats: >200 mg/L).

            In a 3-generation study, dicamba did not affect the reproductive capacity of rats. When rabbits were given doses of 0, 0.5, 1, 3, 10, or 20 (mg/kg)/day of technical dicamba from days 6 through 18 of pregnancy, toxic effects on the mothers, slightly reduced fetal body weights, and increased loss of fetuses occurred at the 10 mg/kg dose. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set the NOAEL for this study at 3 (mg/kg)/day.

            In dog tests, some enlargement of liver cells has occurred, but a similar effect has not been shown in humans.

            What am I supposed to be seeing?

            According to a FAQ published by the EPA:

            “2,4-D products can be safely used by following label directions.

            The toxicity of 2,4-D depends on its chemical forms, including salts, esters, and an acid form.

            2,4-D generally has low toxicity for humans, except certain acid and salt forms can cause eye irritation.

            Swimming is restricted for 24 hours after application of certain 2,4-D products applied to control aquatic weeds to avoid eye irritation.

            2,4-D generally has moderate toxicity to birds and mammals, is slightly toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates, and is practically nontoxic to honeybees.

            The ester forms of 2,4-D can be highly toxic to fish and other aquatic life.

            Carefully follow label directions to avoid harmful effects.

            Again, where are you getting your information about the toxicity of these chemicals, because it doesn’t seem to match up with reality.

          • April45

            Toxic to fish…Do you think it will not end up in the waterways? Are you also going to tell me that 2-4-D is safe?? Agent Orange did no damage to human life? Moderately toxic is not ok. Would you want your child to eat food sprayed with it? Not acceptable.

          • Jackson

            Toxic to fish…Do you think it will not end up in the waterways?

            The ester form is toxic to fish. What percent of the 2,4-D sprayed on crops is the ester form? I don’t know, but seems important before you make any pronouncements on the toxicity of using it as a pesticide.

            Agent Orange did no damage to human life?

            2,4-D is not agent orange. This is like saying sodium chloride is super bad because both sodium and chlorine are both very dangerous and toxic.

          • April45

            Ok let’s put some in your water supply. Dicamba is toxic to fish. Dicamba contains a component of Agent Orange. 2-4-D has a dark history, one I do not think we should revisit.

          • JoeFarmer

            Agent Orange has nothing to do with it. Stop with the nonsensical activist memes.

          • April45

            Well at least you go the activist part right. You say that 2-4-D is not a component of Agent Orange?

          • JoeFarmer

            Agent Orange has never been used in agriculture. It was developed by the Department of Defense as a weapon of war. We don’t use Howitzers or B-52s on the farm, either.

          • April45

            2-4-D is used in agriculture.

          • JoeFarmer

            2,4-D is not Agent Orange. I’m beginning to think you are either slow or intentionally obstreperous.

          • Jackson

            Obstreperous. Hey, a new word for me!

          • April45

            2-4-D is a component of Agent Orange,is it not? That is what I said. Maybe it is you that is slow.

          • Jackson

            We went over this with the sodium chloride example like what, 30 minutes ago?

          • April45

            You are right, we cannot agree. You support GM technology, I do not.The future will tell us the truth, as it already is. Maybe if science can do what is needed in a safe manner, not a reckless one, we can some day be helped by it. Until then, I don’t put much trust in it. Goodnight.

          • JoeFarmer

            Water is also a component of Agent Orange.

          • April45

            Water is not in question here.

          • JoeFarmer

            Neither is 2,4-D, except in the minds of underinformed and misinformed activists.

          • hyperzombie

            We don’t use Howitzers or B-52s on the farm, either.

            Wow, you are really taking all the fun out of farming.

          • JoeFarmer

            I wouldn’t mind having a few Claymores to interrupt the deer rutting paths, but the ATF would probably take exception. And I’m too lazy to pick all that shot out of the carcass, so the ol’ .30-30 will have to do.

          • JoeFarmer

            Dicamba has been used since the mid-1960s. It’s basically benzoic acid. 2,4-D has been used since the 1940s. It’s a synthetic version of a natural plant growth hormone.

            Contrary to your claims, 2,4-D is not deadly to humans or toxic to the environment. You should get your information from better sources.

          • April45

            Really? The NRDC disagrees with you. Neurological damage, cancer and hormone disruption. Does that sound safe to you? Maybe it is you that need to get your information from better sources.

          • JoeFarmer

            NRDC is an activist organization. They’re not scientists. You need to learn to get your information from better sources.

          • April45

            So you think activists cannot be scientists? Tell that to the Union of Concerned Scientists,

          • JoeFarmer

            The Union of Concern Trolls? I quit listening to them in the 1970s when they were making up stuff about nuclear power.

          • hyperzombie

            There were pulling the same crap during fukushima, disasters are their greatest fundraising tools.

          • JoeFarmer

            Yep. A bunch of histrionic arm-wavers.

          • hyperzombie

            Yep so true, no one ever hears about the union of “rational” scientists or the union of “Evidence based” scientists…

          • April45

            Oh yeah, nuclear energy is safe too. One word, Fukushima. Man grossly underestimating the power of the atom again.

          • JoeFarmer

            Go live in a cave and rub 2 sticks together.

          • hyperzombie

            One stick, 2 is unnatural.

          • JoeFarmer

            LOL! The French are all goosey about GMOs, but big on nuclear power. Go figure. Weird politics there.

          • April45

            Better than destroying the planet. Man’s arrogance, I tell ya.

          • hyperzombie

            What do you think would happen if 7 billion people started burning wood???

          • April45

            What if 7 billion switched to renewables in the future?

          • hyperzombie

            What if 7 billion switched to renewables in the future?

            It would be a sad day for trees and nature.

          • April45


          • hyperzombie

            Well most renewables are not energy dense, so either you blanket the planet with panels and pinwheels (not great for nature), or you go for more dense renewables like hydro and wood, all these solutions kill trees and nature.

          • April45

            Blanket the planet with panels? How bout we start with every building having panels on the roof, The deserts having solar power stations. The ocean having wind turbines instead of leaking oil rigs. We can live without fossil fuels if we double up on infrastructure for renewables. Oil is not sustainable, if we were smart we would switch over now and begin the inevitable.

          • hyperzombie

            Blanket the planet with panels? How bout we start with every building having panels on the roof,

            And at night? You know when we need power for heat and lights? What about northern parts of the world when they get very little light in the winter, what then? During the coldest parts of the year it is also free of wind.

            We can live without fossil fuels if we double up on infrastructure for renewables.

            Ummm, no. renewables minus hydro is less than 1% of all power generated.

            Oil is not sustainable, if we were smart we would switch over now and begin the inevitable.

            We have already started, but it will be a very slow process.. It will happen in the future so cheer up…:)

          • April45

            At night the power is used from stored power.through the use of salt, the salt when heated turns into a steam that turns the turbines. There are other forms of renewables like algae biofuels, biomass, wave and tidal. These all need to be expanded as soon as possible. We need to kick up the volume. As long as we are sucking on the tit of fossil fuels this will not happen, and more destruction of our environment will continue.

          • hyperzombie

            Really? The NRDC disagrees with you. Neurological damage, cancer and hormone disruption.

            April, almost all plants contain the same hormone as 2-4-D, if it was harmful eating plants would also be harmful..

          • April45

            A synthetic 2-4-D is not the same as a hormone in plants.

          • hyperzombie

            Yep, it is a plant hormone, scientists use it in smaller amounts to force plants to go to seed early. 2-4-D when used as a herbicide makes plants grow to death, that is all.

          • April45

            And people too, eventually. Still synthetic.

          • hyperzombie

            If we sprayed human growth hormone all over plants, nothing would happen. Humans and plants are not the same.. I suggest getting out of the house more often.

          • April45

            Well apparently the mad scientists of the world think otherwise. You get out too, ok? Goodnight.

          • JoeFarmer

            No, aluminum is not a neurotoxin.

          • April45

            PubMed and Wikipedia say otherwise.

          • JoeFarmer

            Provide a citation(s). Something showing up in PubMed is not a measure of quality. Let’s see stuff published in journals with an impact factor greater than 7. Good luck.

          • April45

            Impact factor? PubMed isn’t good enough for you? It is good enough for physicians, but not you? Oh please, you know I am correct.

          • Jackson

            Impact factor? PubMed isn’t good enough for you? It is good enough for physicians, but not you? Oh please, you know I am correct.

            PubMed isn’t a journal, and thus has no impact factor. PubMed is a search engine, like google, but for papers. Some of the journals that PubMed searches are high quality, and some are low quality.

          • April45

            So all of the journals that say that aluminum is neurotoxic are low quality? Spare me.

          • JoeFarmer

            PubMed is an indexing service. There is no quality review involved. You should know this.

            You do know what “impact factor” is, right?

          • April45

            Indexed from many different sources, but, of course, none good enough for you. So if I gave you a syringe with aluminum, formaldehyde, msg, aborted fetal tissue, and polysorbate-80, you would inject that into your child? Why don’t you tell me why aluminum is safe to inject into a newborn or pregnant woman. i want a source not funded by the industry.

          • Jackson

            Is the FDA good enough, or are they in on it too?


          • April45

            FDA? don’t make me laugh. Half the people that work at the FDA are in the revolving door from the corporations. Let’s not be naive here, do you also believe there is no corruption in politics?

          • Jackson

            Let’s not be naive here, do you also believe there is no corruption in politics?

            I believe that any evidence presented against your position will only make you more convinced in the conspiracy. The better the evidence against your position, the more strongly you will cling to it. You’re like a Chinese finger trap.

          • April45

            No conspiracy, truth is what I look for. Better a Chinese finger trap then a sheep.

          • Arthur Doucette

            I bet you can’t name ONE person who was in a “revolving door” with Monsanto.

            Definition of “revolving door” would be someone who worked for Monsanto, left to go work for the Govt, and while in the Govt, did something that helped Monsanto, then quit and went back to work for Monsanto, being rewarded for his govt efforts with a better job/more pay

            JUST ONE

          • April45

            Toby Moffett, Dennis DeConcini, Marcia Hale, Margaret Miller, Mickey Kantor, Virginia Weldon, Josh King, David Beler,Carol Tucker-Forman, Linda Fisher, Lidia Walrud, Michael Taylor, Hillary Clinton, Roger Beechy, and Islam Siddiqui. I that enough?

          • Arthur Doucette

            Heck, some of them, like Hillary Clinton, never even worked for Monsanto and not ONE of them ever worked for Monsanto, then the Govt, then back at Monsanto.

            Try again.

          • April45

            Michael Taylor is the poster child for the revolving door, whichever direction he is going.

          • Arthur Doucette

            Except he has only worked ONCE for Monsanto, so no, he does not fit the definition.

            He has had two roles in the US govt, once in the USDA and now in the FDA.

            At the USDA he implemented a science-based approach called Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP)) to raising safety standards for meat and poultry production over the protests from meat packing industry, which has been called by food safety advocates “a truly heroic accomplishment”.

            15 years ago he worked for several years for Monsanto, but left because he disagreed with them about labeling (he was for it).

            He is in now at the FDA and in charge of implementing the Food Safety and Modernization Act, which has nothing to do with Monsanto or its products.

          • April45

            Taylor is a classic example of the revolving door. He was Monsanto’s attorney before becoming policy chief at the FDA, soon after he became Monsanto’s Vice President and chief lobbyist. He has moved between the USDA, the FDA and Monsanto as an attorney for the last few decades.The FSMA totally ignores the threat of GMO’s,how convenient.

          • Arthur Doucette


            He worked as a lawyer right after graduating from law school, at King & Spalding. But just because one client of the firm was Monsanto, does not make him their attorney, so claiming he was Monsanto’s attorney is false.

            Between 1994 and 1996 he worked at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), where he was Administrator of the Food Safety & Inspection Service. During that term he implemented a science-based approach ( called Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP)) to raising safety standards for meat and poultry production.

            The ONLY time he worked for Monsanto was for 3 years ending 15 years ago, as a Vice President for Public Policy. He publicly has said he left because he disagreed with them on labeling of GMOs. He was for it.

            So for the next 9 years, after leaving Monsanto, he had nothing to do with either them or the Govt, working for the Rockefeller Center for Risk Management and then teaching as a professor at the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine and in 2007 he became a Research Professor of Health Policy at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services.

            Finally in 2009 he joined the FDA and has been working on implementing the FMSA.

            He did not write the FMSA, Congress did, and the fact that it is about food borne pathogens and doesn’t deal with GMOs has to do with Congress, not Taylor.

            Again, another EPIC FAIL.

          • April45

            News flash, if Monsanto is your client then sadly you are an attorney for Monsanto. He led the firm’s food and drug law practice

          • Arthur Doucette


            He was a recently graduating law student in a BIG firm. http://www.kslaw.com/About-Us

            The FIRM had Monsanto as a client.
            Nothing indicates that this new lawyer was their lawyer.

            More importantly, his employer is the Law Firm, he owes no allegiance to the clients besides providing good legal advice. To think that after he left the law firm that he was somehow “beholden” to Monsanto is just a figment of your imagination.

          • April45

            If a firm takes on a client they agree to defend them. Therefore they are aiding and abetting in their practices. Whether the law states this or not, it is true. If a lawyer defends a guilty man by twisting the truth, then they are aiding and abetting. If he led the food and drug law practice I guarantee you he helped Monsanto. Be careful who you sleep with…

          • Arthur Doucette

            April, Lawyers do much more then DEFEND people.

            If indeed he did defend Monsanto in any court there would be a PUBLIC case.

            There is none.

            Why do we know that?

            Because not one of the many Anti-GMO/Monstanto sites has ever found one.

            At the Software company that I worked at, we also had representation by a law firm. Indeed I worked with them a number of times. Why? Because I was considering applying for patents on some of my ideas.

            In other cases it was working on the legalese needed for our contracts.

            In another case it had to do with problems with a person who were doing things that required their immediate termination, but one doesn’t do that without consulting your law firm. They also defend innocent people against untrue allegations.

            See, Lawyers don’t just defend people who are guilty, they defend innocent people and they give legal advice to help you understand the laws, and particularly new/changed laws, so you can avoid doing something that might be illegal or risk a civil suit.

            As to Taylor, again nothing indicates he led that division, from the Organic Consumers Association web site: In 1981, he left the FDA to work as an attorney in the food and drug practice of King & Spalding, a private law firm

            Work in.

            Not run.

            Makes sense, he was a fairly junior lawyer at the time.

          • April45

            Funny how there are so many Monsanto cases that are not on the record, they either get settled out of court or somehow do not reach trial. Even if he “consulted” Monsanto, that is right up there with defending them. he really needs to stick with one side, instead of playing both sides, then he will be better respected.

          • Arthur Doucette

            Not uncommon at all. Indeed its likely that that means the amounts are small, which Monsanto wouldn’t want other farmers to know.

            As to Taylor, he isn’t playing both sides.
            The firm he worked for had Monsanto as a client a quarter of a century ago.
            He last worked for Monstanto a decade ago, and there was 9 years working mainly as a professor before he went to work for the govt, and the job he has, implementing the Food Safety Modernization Act is all about reducing the pathogens in our food supply and has nothing to do with Monsanto or what it sells.

          • April45

            Oh yeah thats it, I’m sure…huh huh. When he goes head to head against Monsanto I will believe it. A leopard doesn’t change his spots, it doesn’t matter how long it has been.By the way, is he paying you to say these things? I sure hope so.

          • Arthur Doucette

            His job of implementing the FSMA has to do with reducing pathogens (from animal sources) in our food supply.
            Since that is associated with vegetables and fruits and imports, it has nothing to do with the big GMO field crops, like corn, soy or cotton, which do not use manure for fertilizer.

            So all this on and on from you suggests you really are also AGAINST the Food Modernization and Safety Act even though it has nothing to do with Monsanto.

            Are you?

          • April45

            Your epic fail Arthur, He is going to reduce pathogens from animal sources, as in traditional farming? As in our good old fruits and vegetable farmers? As in the non- gmo farmers? You are right it has nothing to do with GMO field crops, so he is leaving them alone? Sounds like he is protecting the gmo industry and putting regulations on traditional farming. Maybe the chemical sources are ok? hmmm.

          • Arthur Doucette

            The FSMA is designed to take care of the issues that are actually killing and sickening Americans.

            You know, actual cases, tracked by the CDC.

            From e coli, salmonella, listeria etc


          • April45

            But, of course, glyphosate and Dicamba not on the list. In fact, having them in the air, water and on the food is safe right????

          • Arthur Doucette

            That’s an issue for the EPA and the USDA, not the FDA and also not part of the FSMA.

            Which is why Taylor, as part of the FDA, has nothing to do with Monsanto in his current job.

          • April45

            How convenient. Do you really believe what comes out of your mouth? Or is someone paying you to say it?

          • Arthur Doucette

            Its only inconvenient for you.

          • April45

            No, we are many. The truth will come out.

          • Arthur Doucette

            The truth is out.
            GMOs are safe.
            If you were many you would have passed an initiative in California, Washington, Oregon or Arizona.
            But you failed in each one.
            You won’t do better moving East into Farm Country.

          • April45

            Excuse me, I live in the Central Valley, we are farm country. The people, unfortunately listen to fear and propaganda paid for by Big Ag who had to pour millions into the anti-labeling campaigns. The GMA also is terrified of the truth so they help them. People are sheep, they vote by the commercials they watch. The truth will come out, and you will be on the wrong side.

          • Arthur Doucette

            California voted on it and said NO to labeling.

            The main crops of the central valley are vegetables, nuts and fruits. Not the GMO crops you will find as you go East.

            As you go through the states that grow Corn, Soy and Cotton you are not likely to find much support.

            More importantly, we will pass labeling legislation at the Federal Level, which will preempt state legislation, and it won’t require labeling by SOURCE, only CONTENT and then only when the content is materially different, resulting in labels on maybe a dozen products.

            Your attempts to stop GMO will fail.
            Main reason, is that Soy went off patent this year, and corn will be off patent next year, and the farmers aren’t going back to using more and more toxic pesticides.

          • April45

            We grow GMO in California also. In fact, my friend’s husband grew GMO corn. Of course I will not find support in your state, you get that from the government subsidies. You will also continue to use stronger and stronger pesticides to combat super weeds. The future will tell the failed GMO story. I am not worried your Monsanto and friends will self implode. You are not sustainable. You will go the way of the T-Rex.

          • April45

            So if you lead the food and drug law section of the firm, you don’t think he represented Monsanto. Wikipedia states that he is the classic example of the revolving door. So now you know more than the researchers of the world that form a consensus at wikipedia?

          • Arthur Doucette

            He was right out of law school and King and Spaulding is a LARGE law firm, so your claim is without basis.


            Wikipedia is a poor source for information on contentious issues like this, as I could go edit it right now and make it say the opposite. It is NOT, as you claim, maintained by “researchers of the world”, but by people just like you.

            And of course he is NOT the classic case of a revolving door, having only worked for Monsanto once, nearly a decade ago, and he didn’t leave Monsanto to go work for the govt.

            Indeed, for 9 years, after leaving Monsanto, he had nothing to do with either them or the Govt, working for the Rockefeller Center for Risk Management and then teaching as a professor at the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine and in 2007 he became a Research Professor of Health Policy at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services.

          • April45

            Did he serve as vice president for public policy at Monsanto??? This is what the FDA site states. Sounds like a revolving door to me.

          • Arthur Doucette

            Why yes he did.

            But for it to be a “Revolving Door” position he would have had to leave Monsanto, work for the Govt (and do something that helped Monsanto) and then gone BACK to work for Monsanto.

            See that’s the key. Work for a company, go to work for the govt to get some favorable regulation/law passed, then go BACK to the company and get a good bonus for doing so.

            Just going from working at Monsanto and then leaving to work for the Govt is NOT a “revolving door”.

          • April45

            Aren’t you micro managing just a bit here Arthur? And remember, there is still time. He has a big conflict of interest here no matter what you want to call it.

          • Arthur Doucette

            Not at all.
            You made the false claim now you are just being petulant because you have been called on it.
            And no, he has no conflict of interest because he is implementing the Food Safety Modernization Act, which has to do with reducing pathogens in our food supply. Which has nothing specifically to do with GMOs or anything that Monsanto sells.

          • April45

            Exactly Arthur! You finally got it. He will not cross the gods of Monsanto.

          • Arthur Doucette

            Not at all. The FSMA was written by Congress and passed and signed by Obama. Taylor had nothing to do with what it was about, he is only there to get it implemented. The fact that it has nothing to do with Monsanto is hardly surprising as they really only have much impact on TWO of our major Ag crops, and this has to do mainly with VEGETABLE crops.

            “The gods of Monsanto”????

            You REALLY are DELUSIONAL.

            Seek help.

          • April45

            It is the FSMA Arthur, maybe you are delusional.

          • Arthur Doucette

            A typo does not signify delusion.
            Your reams of BS in the face of MOUNDS and MOUNDS of evidence to the contrary do.

            There is nothing that will convince you because you don’t care about evidence.

          • April45

            When the mounds appear let me know. Michael Taylor is a classic revolving door example. 1976 Staff attorney FDA, 1981 King and Spalding giving legal advice to Monsanto. 1991 back to FDA, where he stated that rbST safe.1994 to 1996 went to USDA to help GMO’s enter food supply unlabeled., then briefly returned to King and Spalding. 1998-2001 he became VP of Public Policy for Monsanto.2009 returned as senior advisor to the FDA and in 2010 he became the second highest ranking official at the FDA. The rest is history. Don’t let the revolving door hit you on your way out.

          • Arthur Doucette

            So lets see.

            You have him working for the FDA 3 times.

            For the USDA 1 time and yet for Monsanto but 1 time.

            Also note the LONG times between some of those jobs.

            He left Monsanto and worked in the public sector and then as a teacher for 8 years, before he rejoined the FDA, and he rejoined it in a position that had NOTHING to do with Monsanto.

            Clearly NOT a revolving door.

            As to the issue with BGH, iIn 1999, a lawsuit (Alliance For Bio-Integrity v. Shalala) and GAO report revealed considerable disagreement within the FDA concerning decisions about biotechnology products made during Taylor’s tenure there. The lawsuit and report also revealed that Mr. Taylor had recused himself from matters related to Monsanto’s BGH and had “never sought to influence the thrust or content” of the agency’s policies on Monsanto’s products.

            More failure April

          • April45

            He worked with Monsanto twice. As a lawyer and as VP. Before and after the federal jobs. It does not matter how long in between, he probably did that as interference. Recuse himself? Well now that’s something. You probably believe that BGH is safe also. Give it up you are on a losing side. Your precious GM crops are unsustainable, unsafe, and bad for the planet. Three strikes your out.

          • Arthur Doucette

            WITH is not the same as FOR, and as a lawyer you can’t point to a single case where he even represented Monsanto.

            Yes it does matter how long in between.

            The whole idea about a “Revolving Door”, is to leave Private, go do something in the govt to help, then return to private with big bonus/promotion.

            But when he left Monsanto he didn’t go into govt for 8 years, and then when he went to the Govt working for the FDA implementing the FSMA, he is in a job that has no impact on Monsanto.

            EPIC FAIL

            No I’m not on the “losing side”.




          • realinterrobang

            HACCP is fantastic, and Taylor is to be congratulated on a major shift toward rigourous food safety.

          • JoeFarmer

            Does this mean that you’re not able to find any legitimate science that supports your woo?

            I only asked for research published in journals with an impact factor greater than 7. New England Journal of Medicine’s impact factor is 54, so I wasn’t asking for anything unreasonable.

          • April45

            How bout the Mayo clinic? In fact, any medical journal will tell you that too much aluminum in the body is toxic. You tell me where is says it is safe.

          • JoeFarmer

            “…too much aluminum in the body is toxic.”

            Same with water.

            Are you familiar with Paracelsus?

          • April45

            Chemical remedies? So now aluminum is a “chemical remedy”?

          • JoeFarmer

            No, the father of the science of toxicology. The dose makes the poison.

            You’ve never heard of this? And you say you work in a pharmacy? That’s a little troubling.

          • April45

            Pharmacology not toxicology, although they are becoming one in the same. The dose makes the poison? So spraying this all over our GM crops and it traveling to other areas and into our water is not making a toxic dose?

          • JoeFarmer

            If applied according to the registration requirements, herbicides are toxic to weeds and not people.

          • April45

            Really? So you can ingest them and it will be fine. What do you think people do with their food? The government is not your friend, the farmers are getting screwed in this country. If the TPP passes you will be screwed double. The GMO experiment will fail, at our own expense. The signs are all there.

          • JoeFarmer

            Try reading the USDA’s Pesticide Data Program reports.

            You post a lot of woo and very little fact. You should try to improve.

          • April45

            The USDA, hmm another government operation. Maybe you have been putting too many chemicals on your crops. The government is out funded and out manned by these chemical companies. They are staffed by ex-chemical employees. I do not put much into what they say, sorry. Are you always this gullible? Try reading ‘Foodopoly” you might learn something from a farmer.

          • Jackson

            Yeah, like they could learn all about that super dangerous “chemical DNA” that’s all over the place!

          • hyperzombie

            I heard that DNA is in some food products, mothers breast milk and fecal cord blood,,,, The HORROR! Ban DNA before it is to late….

          • April45

            Denial. Chemicals are safe, Chemicals do no harm. Chemicals belong in our food. Denial.

          • hyperzombie

            Hate to break it to you, but you are made of 100% chemicals,

          • April45

            Not synthetic.

          • JoeFarmer

            Save your conspiracy theories for the Natural News bunch. They won’t laugh at you.

          • April45

            You are right they are a more evolved bunch.

          • JoeFarmer

            You forgot the “d” that goes in front of “evolved”.

            You’re welcome.

          • April45

            Nope. I also forgot, they actually have a conscience and morals.

          • JoeFarmer

            Umm, yeah, that must explain why Adams sells all those miracle products on his site.

          • April45

            How would you know? Have you ever tried them? Or are you too busy eating GMO’s and getting vaccines? He needs to support his work, just like you do. Only he chooses to do it the old fashioned way.

          • Jackson

            Only he chooses to do it the old fashioned way.

            Ah, good old fashioned grift.

          • April45

            Damn right.

          • JoeFarmer

            “This way to the egress”

          • April45

            You are already there.

          • JoeFarmer

            “No one makes me bleed my own blood!”

            That’s a quote from White Goodman and you can take that to the bank!

          • April45

            Ya I heard that on the Simpsons.

          • JoeFarmer

            Number one, you can’t use, “ya” colloquially unless you live in Minnesota or have relatives that did at some point.

            Number two, that line isn’t from the Simpson’s, it’s from Dodgeball.

            Not that I have much hope for you, but if you can list the 5 “D’s” of Dodgeball, I might start taking you seriously. But probably not.

          • April45

            My maiden name is Gregerson and I do have relatives in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Dodge, duck,dip, dive, dodge. I am serious.

          • JoeFarmer

            Son of Gregor?

            Norwegian or Swedish?

          • April45

            Norwegian, 4th gen

          • JoeFarmer

            You might be all right after all, even though you’re Norwegian.

            Where in MN, if you don’t mind me asking. Nevermind, do you know any Bryntesons from around St. Cloud or Fergus Falls?

          • April45

            My grandmother hailed from Stillwater. The rest of the fam is in Somerset Wis., I am sorry, I do not know any Bryntesons. Lively debate is what this country was founded on. The GMO debate is just one thing, maybe if we met, we could agree on many other things.

          • John Zohn

            Yes, if you can say “Duck




            Then he will take you seriously, or maybe not. Maybe he will only take you seriously if start glorifying GMOs like the rest of his ilk.

          • April45

            He knows I will not, we have to agree to disagree on this one. Time will tell.

          • RJB

            Regarding your use of the words “conscience and morals”, it reminds me of the line from “The Princess Bride”: “I do not think it means what you think it means.”

          • April45

            Do you always judge others based on “The Princess Bride”? Hollywood is certainly no moral example.

          • RJB

            I don’t judge you. I am merely pointing out your cognitive dissonance.

          • April45

            On the contrary, I am as consistent as they come.You, on the other hand, are of questionable conscience.

          • Arthur Doucette

            Monsanto is the size of Starbucks.
            They don’t control the USDA, the FDA and the EPA, that’s just nonsense.

          • April45

            One word “revolving door”. Look it up.

          • Arthur Doucette

            I know what it means, someone who works for a company, then leaves for a govt job where they do something to help the company, then goes back to work for the company, usually at a better job or for more pay.

            Name ONE person from Monsanto who has done that.

          • April45

            How bout 15?

          • Arthur Doucette

            Just ONE will do.
            Your last list didn’t have anybody who had worked for Monsanto, then the Govt, and then back at Monsanto.

          • hyperzombie

            So you can ingest them and it will be fine.

            Are you a plant? If not you will be fine.And even if you were a plant, the amounts that consumers are exposed to wouldn’t even harm Human/plant hybrid.

            The GMO experiment will fail, at our own expense. The signs are all there.

            Wow, couldnt be more wrong with that statement.
            You sound like the olden day folks, “Electricity will never catch on” , “cars are impractical and not needed”, “the internet is just a fad” …

          • April45

            So you do not ingest your food? This is way more than inventing a car, this is changing the make up of the planet and putting a patent on it. Not the same.

          • hyperzombie

            This is way more than inventing a car, this is changing the make up of the planet and putting a patent on it.

            Nope, there is no difference. Inventing the car or new plant breeding techniques are just the same, technology. It allows humans to make more food or travel longer distances, nothing evil about it.
            Patents expire, the first GMOs are now off patent.

          • April45

            Not even close, we need food to survive. Monopolizing the food supply is morally wrong. More patents, more suing of farmers. More suicides in India.

          • hyperzombie

            Monopolizing the food supply is morally wrong.

            Well in the seed and plant breeding industry, monopolization can’t be done. Farmers can always just switch back to conventional seed if patented seed gets too expensive. No biggie.

            Well as a farmer I want more patented seed, with even more useful traits, and I am willing to pay extra for it.

            more suing of farmers.

            They don’t sue farmers unless they are STEALING the traits from them.

            More suicides in India.

            More than 7 million farmers in India VOLUNTARILY buy GMO seed every year, even though it is totally legal to save seed in that country.

          • April45

            Monopolization can and has been done.Contracts are made and if the farmer cannot keep his end of the deal he gets sued. If the seeds do not perform as promised, the farmer is up short. Useful traits? Using more and more chemicals that you have to purchase is not useful or safe. Water is also under attack by companies that want to privatize it, is that ok with you also? All a part of our morally bankrupt society.

          • Arthur Doucette

            Do you just make this up?

            No farmer has been sued unless they are stealing.

            Farmers pay more for GMO seed, they wouldn’t do it if they didn’t save them money on expensive pesticides.

          • April45

            BS, farmers have gotten sued for GM seeds blowing onto their land from travel. Oh please, you make more on your product because you make more of one crop. Monoculture is what you create, no diversity.

          • Arthur Doucette

            And your claim is total BS.
            Why do I know it is BS?
            Because you won’t post the Case Title.

            You know Monsanto Vs FARMER X, Court, Date.

            See ALL trials are public.
            If this had occurred, then that information would be available for you to post, and you would do so to support your case.

            But you didn’t.
            Because you can’t.
            Because such a case doesn’t exist.

            And you know that.

          • April45

            The farmers that sued Monsanto had to settle out of court most of the time. How can a farmer afford to sue them with their belligerent, well financed and litigious actions. Why would they settle for the 2.4 million dollar settlement in the Northwest wheat contamination case if they were not guilty? Thanks to Citizens United they have bought and paid for court protections many times. You are a traitor to the farmers of America that have not sold out to Monsanto. Shame on you.

          • Arthur Doucette


            Now you have Farmers suing Monsanto.

            If they sued, even if they settled out of court, the case is STILL public

            So post some of these cases.

            As to the Wheat case.

            There was no question that it was Monsanto’s wheat that caused the problem.

            How it got there is still unresolved.

            From the Settlement site:

            Monsanto maintains that it has consistently acted in accordance with all governing laws at all times and denies wrongdoing, fault, and liability of any and all kinds whatsoever. However, both sides have agreed to this Settlement to avoid further expense, inconvenience, and distraction of burdensome and protracted litigation, and to be free of any further controversy with respect to the claims that were asserted.

            Monsanto has agreed to pay up to $2,125,000 in full and final satisfaction of any and all valid and timely submitted Claim Forms to persons who sold or priced for sale soft white wheat between May 30th, 2013 and November 30th, 2013 from any farm in Idaho, Oregon, or Washington.

            None of this has anything to do with Citizens United.

            The Farmers of America buy their seed year after year after year, clearly they don’t agree with you.

            Indeed, even in the Wheat case, Monsanto comes out looking good, because though not likely to blame, they are footing the bill to cover losses sustained by those farmers.

            EPIC FAIL

          • April45

            Farmers have tried to sue Monsanto but there is no way to win when Monsanto has more money to buy courts and politicians. Monsanto is suing farmers also. Nelson vs. Monsanto is another case of a poor farmer trying to fight Monsanto. They have been farming for 75 years! There name was good, now Monsanto is trying to destroy them. What a bully of a company. There is a reason they have been voted most evil, least ethical, and worst by many different groups. Yeah, you are right Monsanto is a saint in the Northwest case What they paid those farmers is probably the tip of the iceberg in lost costs. Farmers keep buying their seeds because they are dumb enough to believe the bs that Monsanto sells. The epic fail will be when you see someday the collapse of your beloved Monsanto.

          • Arthur Doucette

            Just conspiracy nonsense.

            Monsanto is the same size as Starbucks.

            They can’t buy courts and politicians.

            Nelson settled with Monsanto. They both agreed to keep the settlement details private, so he is not a good example.

            As to being a bully, hardly.

            Since 1997, Monsanto has gone to trial over seed patents only nine times and only 147 lawsuits have been filed in the last 18 years”

            No farmers don’t keep buying the seed because they are DUMB.

            You can’t be a successful farmer in the US and be dumb. That’s mutually exclusive.
            Its a complicated business, but clearly you aren’t smart enough to know how difficult modern farming is.

          • April45

            Are you kidding,Monsanto has plenty of money to buy courts and politicians. Funny how all the cases get “settled” which avoids the record books. Gag orders are given and they move on to the next case. 8 cases a year is nothing to brag about, if you or I got sued 8 times a year we would not be in business for long.I do not think of GMO farmers as successful. Like parenting, farming is a job that many do but few are good at. To be a good farmer you must respect the land and the environment. You must grow with diversity, not monocrops. You must keep the soil healthy and protect the water supplies. None of these are done by GM crop farmers. This goes the same for livestock farmers.

          • Arthur Doucette

            Except settling is only when both sides agree, but 8 times a year that’s not the case and the court goes to trial, and EVERY TIME Monsanto has won. And they are winning in the courts in farm country with a jury of the farmer’s peers. Clearly they aren’t a bully or farmers wouldn’t find for them, nor would they buy their seeds year after year after year.

            But they do.

            As to GMO farmers being successful, again that is patently false. Farmers have been increasing their use of GMO seed since it came out, with last year the highest ever.


            The two biggest GMO crops in the US are Corn and Soybeans and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s final tally of the 2014 crop year is showing farmers brought in record corn and soybean crops. The agency says that farmers harvested a record 14.2 billion bushels of corn. That is 3 percent more than the 2013 crop, which had set the previous record. The average bushel-per-acre yield is 171, significantly better than the 158 bushels per acre in 2013. The record crop came even though farmers harvested about 5 percent fewer acres than in 2013.

            Soybean production also is a record at 3.97 billion bushels, up 18 percent from 2013.

            You don’t produce record crops, after 18 years of growing GMO crops, if it harmed the soil. Clearly it doesn’t.

            As to protecting the water supply, the use of RR crops has allowed many of these farmers to switch to “No Till” approaches, because they don’t need to kill weeds that way anymore before planting. This has significantly reduced run off, and improves the soil.


            As does use of fewer insecticides


          • April45

            Funny how they always “win” all the cases. Of course when you are growing monocrops you will make money, how else would Monsanto succeed without supportive farmers, they make sure of that. You have sold your soul to the devil. Actually non-GMO is on the rise. No-till was used before GM crops came around. You have had to adopt this practice because of the super weeds. This practice is not environmentally friendly either. No till fields do not sequester more carbon than ploughed fields when soil depths of more than 30 cm are taken into account. Why don’t you show the graph that gives the increase in glyphosate in our bodies and the environment since the inception of Roundup Ready crops? The USDA graphs are also bought and paid for by GM industry.

          • Arthur Doucette

            They have won all the cases because a jury of the FARMER’S PEERS agrees that the farmer got the value of the GMO seed, but didn’t pay for it. Pretty simple actually.

            No, Non-GMO is not on the rise, as the chart above shows, the percent of acres of GMO for Corn, Soy and Cotton is up. But that chart doesn’t show all the GMO Canola (mainly a Canadian crop), GMO Sugar Beets or GMO Alfalfa. Not sure how much of the newly released Arctic Apple or Innate Potato will be grown this year, but it won’t be zero.

            Why don’t you show the graphs about glyphosate?

            Oh, because there are no reputable ones.

          • April45

            It would not matter what graph I showed, you would say it is not reputable. Like the ones that show an increase in autism in direct line with the increase in glyphosate use. The winds of change are beginning to blow. Arctic apple, disgusting. Mother nature lets us know if an apple is not fresh by changing color. These apples do not. Talk about frankenfood. Salmon that will destroy the natural salmon, destruction of God, that is what GMO’s are.

          • Arthur Doucette

            April, if Autism is increasing over time, than you can draw a graph showing correlation to EVERYTHING that is also increasing over time.

            Correlation alone means nothing.


          • April45

            Oh please, you just proved what I said. You will negate any graph I choose. If you had common sense you would realize that putting more chemicals into our bodies and our environment is not healthy. If you refute that, then you are a total moron.

          • Arthur Doucette

            No I disproved what you claimed.

            You implied that CAUSATION is implied because of a statistical correlation. I showed a graph of another correlation which proves that correlation alone does not mean a thing.

            I totally agree that we need to reduce the amount of TOXIC chemicals we put in our bodies, and that’s what the adoption of GMO is doing.


            A Meta-Analysis of the Impacts of Genetically Modified Crops


            On average, GM technology adoption has reduced chemical pesticide use by 37%, increased crop yields by 22%, and increased farmer profits by 68%. Yield gains and pesticide reductions are larger for insect-resistant crops than for herbicide-tolerant crops. Yield and profit gains are higher in developing countries than in developed countries.


          • April45

            Laughable. Of course it is written by the USDA

          • Arthur Doucette

            The article referenced: This research was financially supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme

            The Economic Research Service, a branch of the USDA has been tracking this data for a long time. Nobody but you disputes it.

          • April45

            Yeah, nobody but me, sure. You really are delusional.

          • Arthur Doucette

            Nope. I’m not the one making conspiracy claims against the Economic Research Service branch of the USDA. You are.
            With nothing to support your position.

          • April45

            I may be disputing the USDA, but you are disputing God.

          • Ron Roy

            Tell me if GMO crops are so great why are European countries banning them?

          • Wackes Seppi

            It’s politics, stupid!

          • Arthur Doucette

            They aren’t.

            The Commission today adopted 10 new authorisations for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) for food/feed use, 7 renewals of existing authorisations…

            All the GMOs approved today have been proved to be safe before their placing on the EU market. The risk assessment has been done by EFSA in collaboration with Member States for each individual GMO to be put on the market. The GM food and feed authorisations will be added to the existing list of 58 GMOs authorised in the EU for food and feed uses


          • Ron Roy

            I’m friends with a local dairy farmer who grows corn and soy to feed his cows and he would prefer conventional seeds but he told me they’ve become almost impossible to find because GMO seeds producers have cornered the market.

          • Arthur Doucette

            Sorry, simply not true.

            We grow ~90 million acres of corn in the US, and only 90% is GMO, meaning that 9 million acres are planted with conventional seed.

            We grow nearly 80 million acres of Soy, and again ~90% is GMO, but that means 8 million acres are planted with conventional seed.

            That’s seed for 17 million acres.

            Not hard to find.

          • Ron Roy

            Wrong those millions of non GMO crops are not grown for seed production they are grown to be sold to manufacturers who produce products for people who want non GMO products.

          • hyperzombie

            Monopolization can and has been done

            nope not even close.

            Contracts are made and if the farmer cannot keep his end of the deal he gets sued.

            Keep his end???

            The deal with seed is simple, Buy seed, grow crops, don’t sell as or use as seed stock. hardly complicated.

            If the seeds do not perform as promised, the farmer is up short.

            Certified seed is guaranteed, that is why we pay extra for it.

            Using more and more chemicals that you have to purchase is not useful or safe.

            Hmmm, totally wrong. GMOs enable farmers to use LESS harmful chemicals, that are far safer and more effective, or why else buy them?

            Water is also under attack by companies that want to privatize it

            I dont know anything about this issue, we actually have too much water here most years.

          • April45

            Monopolization is, of course, a wet dream of the industry. It is not possible for a farmer to buy soybean seeds that are not contaminated by GMO’s. Roundup Ready soybeans use 2-5 times more herbicides than no-GMO. Monsanto’s contamination of the wheat is destroying the market for farmers growing non-GMO wheat. Just because you are a bitch for the corporations does not make it ok to grow this frankenfood. There is a reason other countries do not want GMO’s. They are harmful to us, our livestock and the environment.

          • hyperzombie

            It is not possible for a farmer to buy soybean seeds that are not contaminated by GMO’s.

            It is very easy to buy non GMO soy and corn, you get it at the same place as the GMO seed. Or you can buy it from others. No big problem there.

            Roundup Ready soybeans use 2-5 times more herbicides than no-GMO.

            Totally false, GMO soy uses slightly less herbicide, and the herbicide is way less toxic as well.

            Monsanto’s contamination of the wheat is destroying the market for farmers growing non-GMO wheat.

            there is no GMO wheat commercially available.

            Just because you are a bitch for the corporations does not make it ok to grow this frankenfood.

            LOL, funny. If you knew anything about farming you would also laugh at how preposterous this is.

            There is a reason other countries do not want GMO’s.

            Yes, it is called politics

          • JoeFarmer

            April is a special snowflake, eh?

          • JoeFarmer

            She should be extradited to Canada.

            You owe us for Alan Thicke and Captain and Tenille. It’s the least you can do. Show some good faith, will ‘ya?

          • April45

            Do you get these facts off of the Monsanto and Dow websites? You sound like a puppet for the industry.Other farmers say otherwise, who is right? The commercial wheat is not what is contaminating, it is the experimental wheat that they are growing. The rogue varieties are contaminating non-GMO wheat. It is not politics, it is pride in their food diversity and quality. People do not want your monocrops that lack diversity.

          • Ron Roy

            The New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association are both supported by the pharmaceutical industry and you expect the truth from these journals? Get a life.

          • JoeFarmer

            Go peddle your anti-vax garbage somewhere else, d-bag.

          • Ron Roy

            Very intelligent reply.

          • Ron Roy

            Click on the following link or cut and past into your browser and if you still believe vaccines are beneficial any further discussion would be an act of futility.http://whale.to/m/critics.html

          • Ron Roy

            Thanks for saying that. Your statement proves you don’t know what you’re talking about. Click on or past this link to your browser. It’s a link to the National Library of Medicine. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2198876

  • DDDDDuane

    I trust Mike Adams a ZILLION times more than I do anyone taking money from monsanto to hawk/defend their killer/toxic GMO crap…
    If GMOs are so safe WHY are you so INSANELY against stating/labeling that a “PRODUCT CONTAINS GMOS” on the packaging????

    • RJB

      Because Big Organic Shills like you are either dishonest or ignorant about the true motive for the push in GMO labelling!

  • DDDDDuane

    It seems the writer of this “article” views are for sale…
    See this about Jon Entine:

    • RJB

      Wow, another desperate member of Jeffrey Smiths’ Facebook Army attempting deflection!!!!!

      • DDDDDuane

        1) We know you are monsanto’s paid shill….

        2) I never heard of Jeffrey Smith

        3) Why did you avoid my question:
        If GMOs are so safe WHY are you so INSANELY against stating/labeling that a “PRODUCT CONTAINS GMOS” on the packaging????

        4) See Photos here of rats fed GMO corn:

        • RJB

          1) HAHAHAHA you went right for the Monsanto Shill Accusation!
          2) What bridge are you selling?
          3) See my comment below
          4) Seralini, right? HAHAHAHAHA

          • DDDDDuane

            What an ïntelligent” reply…(well…the only semi logical one he could reply with…)….

        • Jackson

          There are currently no laws on the books about banning the labeling food GMO-free. If you are selling GMO-free food, put a label on the package and add a 5% premium. You don’t need anyones permission, and you don’t need the government to mandate it. Just put the label on!

          Also, the rats fed non-GMO food in that study also got tumors, so should we ban both GMO and non-GMO food?

          • DDDDDuane

            How about providing an OBJECTIVE link that shows ALL the rats getting GIANT tumors in that GMO study…

            Here is the link AGAIN:


          • Jackson

            I don’t know the difference between an OBJECTIVE link and just a regular link. I think you should have linked the the paper, which is published in a no-impact, pay-for-play journal, instead of a cbs news article.

            That breed of rat is used in short term cancer studies because they develop those tumors naturally. The study was designed with too small a population size so appropriate statistics can’t be done to show anything of interest one way or the other. There is a reason the journal retracted it, and a reason it is considered among scientists to be junk science. (That reason doesn’t involve a worldwide conspiracy involving Monsanto, all the worlds scientists, and a shadow government run by lizard people.)



    • mxrss


  • Gail

    This article is one of the most important to read by the CDC. This
    article is very important which proves they have given us horrible
    diseases through vaccinations The article reads, “In the past, biologic
    products have served as vectors for viral diseases. Examples include
    the contamination of yellow fever vaccine with hepatitis B virus in the
    1940s (because a human-derived excipient contained hepatitis B virus),
    contamination of early polio and adenovirus vaccines with simian
    virus 40 (called SV40 cancer virus) in the late 1950s and early 1960s,
    contamination of blood products with hepatitis viruses and HIV, and
    contamination of dura mater grafts with the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
    agent. In these examples, either human or animal materials used in
    production usually caused the contamination.” http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/7/7/01-7735_article

  • Ron Roy

    Now I know why you refuse to read learn and see anything that will prove you wrong I looked at your profile: I sit in the dimly lit pub with a pint of ale, puffing on my dragonweed,You look and act like one of the Blues brothers. No hope there. Don’t bother to respond case closed like your mind. Take another drink.

  • Ron Roy

    This would be for next year his corn has already been planted. Yes corn to feed dairy cows.

  • freeagent37

    A little overboard, but Mike is right on. What isn’t right on is some of the bizarre accusations and statements this website says the Health Ranger makes. I read his information all the time and I have never read in any of his statements for “anit-GMOers to kill scientists.” Wow, that is quite an Anti Health Ranger accusation to put out there if you ask me. It’s obvious to see what this website is trying to do. Hope others are able to see what is going here…