NaturalNews’ Mike Adams’ genocidal views on GMOs mainstream among environmental activists

| July 30, 2014 |

GLP note: NaturalNews founder and editor Mike Adams is known for his extremist views on GMOs, the latest being his threats to scientists and journalists who support biotechnology. Is he just an extreme outlier, not representative of other anti-GMO groups who might be more rational? Joni Kamiya looks at the views expressed by other anti-GMO groups, and finds that Adams is not really an outlier at all. NaturalNews and Adams are widely quoted and used as trusted sources of information on GMOs. Below are excerpts from Kamiya’s analysis at Hawaii Farmer’s Daughter.


As a kid, our parents want us to hang around the good kids.  If you get in with the good kids, it also makes you look good and stay away from trouble.  Who you hang out with is a reflection of one’s own morals and values, as well as your family.

It’s so not surprising that Mike Adams of the prolific anti-GMO Natural News website is resorting to calling for threats against those who support biotechnology.  He quickly set up a website, Monsanto Collaborators, hours before announcing this threat on Natural News itself.  He has been a huge proponent of fear mongering among the Hawaii anti-GMO movement here and it’s no surprise that he has a myriad of complaints being lodged against him with the FBI as a result.  This guy is an insult to most people’s intelligence but unfortunately, so many activists in Hawaii love this dude who accuses biotech of crimes against humanity and so.  Many of the anti-GMO activists here share his hate for biotechnology and if you look further about how this vile huckster has overtaken logical and rational thoughts, all you have to do is look at how well entrenched he has made himself.  Let’s take a closer look at how intertwined ALL of the anti-GMO groups are to this deranged fellow that has swamped over the internet.

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It’s pretty evident that this belief that biotechnology is creating a “crime against humanity” talk comes a lot from Natural News and so many other sites that share his beliefs.  There’s no facts and the unwitting consumer easily gets sucked into its fear filled messages that they are being harmed.  That’s why we have a very vocal bunch of activists who are crying for protections of this perceived “danger.”

It shouldn’t be surprising at all that we see the same bunch of sites being shared among thousands and those thousands are scared, clamoring for politicians to save them from this perceived danger.  When you’re so afraid of something, you act without thinking, which means sharing bad memes and bad links.

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As one can see, we have a ton of bad information, poorly educated politicians and a public prone to supporting kooks like Mike Adams aka Mr. Kill Biotech, now using this to make laws.  If you’ve posted any of these websites, touted this information or even plan on voting for any of these politicians or the moratorium, you might just want to rethink your support of them.  Supporting them means supporting Mike Adams and his message to kill people like myself and other farmers, scientists, and agriculture supporters like the ranchers and paniolos who base our decisions on real evidence and support biotechnology as a tool for our future.  He has no aloha and neither do any of the people who back him up.  The mainland based SHAKA Movement folks need to use their new interpretation of it and SHAKA this guy out of the way of our islands.

Read the full, original article: Anti-GMO activists: A family of bad information delinquents led by the Health Ranger

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  • Scott Williams

    Please Joni this is slander shame on you!

    • Jon

      What is slander about stating (truthfully with evidence) people or groups have been using information derived from Mike Adams? This type of information is hopefully damaging to the reputation of the organizations or people using the information.

      It is true that NaturalNews may not have put forth this Nazi connecting idea back when the groups were referencing article from Mike Adams, so it would behoove the organizations to make a statement now, distancing themselves from NaturalNews. Hopefully the deranged ramblings of Mike Adams will be toxic to his ‘brand’.

      • Scott Williams

        Aloha Jon “It is true that NaturalNews may not have put forth this Nazi connecting idea back when the groups were referencing article from Mike Adams” yup slander, “so it would behoove the organizations to make a statement now, distancing themselves from NaturalNews. Hopefully the deranged ramblings of Mike Adams will be toxic to his ‘brand'” I agree 100%
        I have informed as many people as possible immediately after reading the article this morning. I’m in Hawaii it’s now 2:34pm here many are still at work now so give it time. I don’t know if you understand what’s happening here now with our beautiful islands in respect to GMOs and pesticides but once anyone takes the time to research they will see that most everything that JKR writes is slanted… I have spoken with many people here both pro and anti GMO over the years and I can honestly say that nobody subscribes to the views that Mike Adams expresses in his Monsanto/Nazi propaganda. Hawaii people are not like that. I subscribe to GLP because I want both sides of the story. Shame on you GLP! Pau.

        • Cairenn Day

          Stop trying to play a victim. If one is active in promoting the facts about GMOs and their safety, then they have a file of death threats and horrid insults from the anti GMO supporters. We have seen that many agree with him.

          The hate and anger is deep in your community. Adams is just a reflection of that.

          Burned fields and destroyed trees show that violence is not discouraged.

          If you are telling the truth, then be willing to work with the pro GMO folks to remove the terrorists from your ranks.

          The hate and death threats are allowed on many of y’all’s pages, while posting anything positive is quickly removed and the poster banned.

          The anti GMO movement is dangerous, as it is today.

          Maybe Adam’s post will be the wake up call y’all need to stop the slide toward terrorism.

          I am not hopeful, however.

          • Scott Williams

            Maybe you should read what I said again. Seems like you are doing the same thing Mike Adams is…Hasbara. Aloha also means goodbye. ALOOOOOOOHA

        • Jon

          I had a particularly toxic interaction with Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition, and I am very pleased they have stopped being active. I have been in class with many agriculture students, and they also have an opinion that the GM and pesticide discussion is blown way out of proportion. I’d be happy to share emails/messages about topics that matter to us both, if you’d like.

  • Jeremy Rawley

    Why isn’t Mike Adams in prison yet?

  • Babes Against Biotech

    Actually, Babes Against Biotech has a strict rule that admins may not post anything from Natural News. Thank you for letting us know there is one Natural News post on our Facebook from a year ago. It must have slipped through. Now that you have screenshot it and attempted to use a singular link from last year on a social media site to falsely indicate our position on Natural News, we will remove it promptly. Aloha nui.

    • Cairenn Day

      Of course, cover your tracks now. It is public however.

      Really? ‘It slipped through’? More likely you missed purging it.

      • Joni Kamiya-Rose

        Glad they are getting clue. Now they only have Sustainable Pulse to use. It’s getting harder and harder to find “confirmation” of their “science” apparently.